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  1. omg, I remember searching a game and put Uncharted tv on full screen and start watching those sick edits, robingaming...
  2. I want to complete this game, I have 4 ps3s, should I even start it? How hard and how many time will take? What do you guys think?
  3. Can I get all the trophies by connecting my new psn acc to my steam? I have all archivements in steam, so maybe I can get it all, no?
  4. I create a server on discord, please join Link
  5. You can do 100% of uncharted 2 in 3-4 weeks, uncharted 3 will take like 1-2 months.
  6. Did you guys tried this? You should complete at least 1 level with every new weapon. If you pick up new weapon, kill at least 1 enemy, but doesn't complete the level to its end, it won't work.Also try to remember, which weapon you might not use. It might be Colt (BAKER TEAM PART 1 won't work), Deagle, MP44, SPAS-12 or XM79 China Lake. Other available weapons were Primary Weapons on some levels and I don't think that you weren't used them at least once. https://steamcommunity.com/app/274130/discussions/0/1291817837627478959/
  7. Down in Luxembourg :c
  8. You can try, but idk
  9. Hunter Arena doesn't work, but Coop Arena it works, maybe you can boost treasures in there. other thing is, in LAN you can't see your trophies + treasures progress.
  10. I think no, Its like a private match But coop maybe works, I am not sure.
  11. I download it in a Portuguese PSN
  12. yes, and in those packs you will have all unlockable things for free to play, like coop, infinite level, ss, etc.
  13. Thanks! add me
  14. you can download U3 free to play for multiplayer only