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  1. 41 matches (FOOTBALLNUT stays with 94 matches)
  2. No, u can do more than 1500xp, I already did 6050 xp per match
  3. 94 matches
  4. maybe is your ip location? I tried today and it worked for me...
  5. I tried rn and It worked for me, I live in Europe, Luxembourg
  6. What about Uncharted: Fight for Fortune? There is a trophy called Kitty Got Wet and we need to win one multiplayer match. We can still invite others players, and accept it, but we can't join.
  7. omg, I remember searching a game and put Uncharted tv on full screen and start watching those sick edits, robingaming...
  8. I want to complete this game, I have 4 ps3s, should I even start it? How hard and how many time will take? What do you guys think?
  9. Can I get all the trophies by connecting my new psn acc to my steam? I have all archivements in steam, so maybe I can get it all, no?
  10. I create a server on discord, please join Link
  11. You can do 100% of uncharted 2 in 3-4 weeks, uncharted 3 will take like 1-2 months.
  12. Did you guys tried this? You should complete at least 1 level with every new weapon. If you pick up new weapon, kill at least 1 enemy, but doesn't complete the level to its end, it won't work.Also try to remember, which weapon you might not use. It might be Colt (BAKER TEAM PART 1 won't work), Deagle, MP44, SPAS-12 or XM79 China Lake. Other available weapons were Primary Weapons on some levels and I don't think that you weren't used them at least once. https://steamcommunity.com/app/274130/discussions/0/1291817837627478959/