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  1. Ok,so i bought EU version of the game. Trophy says die from fire 5 times. Fire is in second world. I reach that world and died like 20 times already and still nothing. Anyone else got that problem? EDIT: Solved-you need to die from fireball that comes out from lava in world 3 not fire that comes from the ground in world 2. Misleading discription...
  2. EDIT: Got the trophy yesterday. The blacked out area around his shelter is no more and it shows connected to UAC. I have no idea if it was delayed or minor bug or when IT got fixed but once i added my last shelter to the UAC and got the trophy i checked the map and Peter was part of UAC too. I wonder if it will happen to anyone else... Ok so i came back and checked everything and: - i got him on 5 stars -i have all emails read -i finished story -i got emails both from Peter and Higgs (here are screenshoots of em) -i slept few times in different shelters Still i cannot connect his shelter to the chiral network. Any more possible solutions?
  3. Yes i have 5 stars for sure as i have unlocked last reward from him. Yes im done with the story. Not sure about email who he is,gonna check it today once i'm back from work and report back.
  4. I have Peter Englert on 5 stars already and i still cannot connect him to UAC network to make his part of the map available for buildings. Anyone knows what i could be missing?
  5. The game is back on PSN:)
  6. Well that's great news-wouldn't want to miss that panties hunting action!😀
  7. I just wanted to buy this game but i cant find PS4 version on EU store. Anybody knows why maybe?
  8. Got the trophy. I farmed over 300k more and it popped.
  9. Thanks for very fast reply. I hope you are right!.
  10. Ok so i have earned every trophy in this game except this one. Im sure that through the game i earned way more then 500k so i thought that you need to have 500k at one time in inventory. So i sold everything farmed a little more and got 500k but still no trophy. I did few missions after that and earned over 600k at one time and still no trophy. Anyone else got that problems or those who got platinum could tell me when it popped for them?
  11. Got that problem of no trophies since yesterday. I followed guide,earned trophies,synced again and again-still nothing. Anything else i can do? EDIT: Ok it finally popped.
  12. Well,after a huge struggle i was able to overgear the game and make fearless feel like easy. So i used my character from VH1. Thaumaturge Lightning mage. I was having really though time with it at the begining but I ticked the box in options to let enemies respawn and came back to same locations few times farming kills,loot and gaining levels. I did that with every location until I hit a wall wich was Doomsday Device fight. I then repeated location prior to this until i got max level. With max level i went and did couple of scenarios for better gear wich helped A TON. Then i came back to the game and basicly breezed through the rest of it. If you don't have VH1 character my advise would be to finish the game once on normal with ranged class(dont even think about playing as meele class) best would be storm or ice thaumaturge and then make it veteran class and go through the game again on fearless.
  13. I got almost 1200 wich is waaaaay more then i would want to. I've got to bring it to less then 800 this year i hope. I really do wish that Sony would allow to delete games and trophy progress. At least one game per 3 months or something. Would be awesome to remove some unobtainable 100% from my list instead of having them stuck forever. Oh well,my mistake for allowing that to happen.
  14. Likes some classic fighting titles,and probably chosed Duke trophy only for it's name,as i hardly belive that he likes the game so much:P
  15. Ok so,i tried really hard to find any information on the internet about difficulty in this game and trophies tied to it. But to no avail. I will try here in hopes that anybody in the world knows this. There is trophy for completing the game on fearless. My question is-do i have to start the game on this difficulty level and finish it on my first playthrough?Or will I be able to start the story again and pump up diffficulty level then? I ask becouse i see ppl got plat in this game. I tired to play fearless with each class on 1 lvl and 30 lvl. The farthest i got to Octopod machine in the first location wich took me about 6 hours and 150 deaths. Now the level i swarmed witch those warewolf and this boss have 200k hp. I do hits for 300-400 and crits for 2k+ max. That assuming that i hit enemy... What im saying is that this game to me is impossible to play on fearless from scratch. It cannot be done,it just cant. So do i really have to play it on fearless from beggining to get the trophy or is there any other way?