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  1. I'm the new player to the Tales series and it did not put me off. I found it funny how all of party members shout all their skills names over and over and the same time and it just sounds riddicilous. Yeah it can be a little tiring after a while but definately no deal breaker for me. What i found more annoying is lack of "exploration music" Like you know,in FF series or Elder Scrolls you have this amazing music when you just walk around locations and explore. In this game every location has one track and it is always like "intense final siege battle with gigantic boss that topples down entire cities" music. And I'm just picking tomatos and some flowers... Also combat music by itself is just bad. I was expecting similarity to FF music during it but here it just makes battles worse and im kinda glad that they shout so much during them coz i cant hear it that much heh. And amount of talking in this game is insane. They really like to drag some conversations for long long time,especially with watching all the skits.
  2. About enigma,did you do LK chests over and over for runes for it? Or just got lucky with drops? And how many times did you had to re-dowload you save coz you died on hc?
  3. Yeah it could be much longer i think as there is no /player command on consoles. Unless you will play hardcore online and grind on pc to 98 and not die,and then hit final level on console. Also the game itself is no joke. Hell difficulty is really tough and you will meet mobs you just can't kill with your character (immunities) and you will have to grind for gear and runes for hours. Ofcourse if you make sorc and just tele to farming spots (like killing meph over and over) Thing is on PC you have lobbies and can easily talk and trade with ppl wich can cut grind for specific gear by A LOT. On consoles you cannot so you have to hope something will drop for you. Even then,some things you may want have such insane low drop rate that you can play months daily and never see it. On pc with HUGE trading communites it was never that big of a deal to get what you want or even be carried.. And if you are planning to play HC solo and farm everything by yourself to be able to get good gear and farm quickly those baalruns then man...that is thousands of hours. Really. Also be aware that even being able to get to uber tristram and kill all uber bosses and get SoH will take a lot of farming. Like someone mentioned,smiter is good build to take them,best in the game even for single target but you will need BiS gear for it. So i think most effective way for plat would be to: -start sorc on hc (SP to be able to back up) and play it to nightmare meph -then farm him for gear for yourself for MF( couple houndred runs should do) and get gear for pally to get him through nm and hell -then level up pally as hammeredin to like 90 (do not even think of making smiter to play the game that way-it works good only on bosses) -then tele your way with sorc quickly through rest of nightmare and hell to farm high level areas without immunities to your build (PIts,LK,Cows,Chaos Sancturay) on hell over and over until you get runes for enigma (this can take couple of days if you are luckiest bastard in the world,or couple of months of farming if your average,or never:P) -then make enigma for pally and with smiter build tele your way to baal and kill him and his minions 5525 times( assuming they add player command to consoles) if not,multiplay that by 3x. -then farm keys to get to uber tristram and kill those guys for SoH That should be most effective roadmap to plat but it takes that you know the game and it's mechanics very well,
  4. You can see in the upper part of stash 4 tabs-Private,and 3 shared. Just press R2 L2 to switch between them.
  5. They already did:P Originally,the stash was one tab private and one tab for shared. That was it without mods....now it is double the size and it is like 50 tabs at least too low with the amount of shit you have to keep...
  6. You need to get that runewords and some gear with FCR. With that you will be spamming them faster and faster and there will be a lot of them around. Yes some tight corridors are a problem but quick reposition is needed at the beggining with weak gear. Trust me,Hammeredin is one of the most well known OP builds in entire game.
  7. Paladin speced as Hammeredin. Blessed Hammers are magic dmg,so you don't care about any immunities at all, EXTREMELY usefull on hell. You have tons of resistance and defence,and very quickly in nightmare infinite mana already( if your missing runes for insight just farm countess couple of times). You don't need insane gear. With simple rune words (stealth on armor,spirit on shield and sword,lore on helmet and insight on mercenary) you are very hard to kill and do insane dmg. No way to die up to nightmare end you will be killing every boss and mob quicker then they can say their phrases. With that,paladin is not only most powerfull damage dealer in game (even with endgame hell gear) but also hardest to die with. Just keep your str to be able to equip havier gear,dex to reach hard cap of 75% block chance and all the rest dump into vitality.
  8. That worked! Ok so i think what you actually have to do use to not only find all waypoints but use each one of them at least once for it to register.
  9. Hmm,im going to get them all again on nightmare,and maybe this will trigger trophy if it glitched somehow. Good to know im not the only one with that problem.
  10. Ok so i got all the waypoints for all 5 acts of the game and trophy did not pop. But i see many ppl have it no problem. Anyone had that happen?Or have any idea what might be wrong?
  11. Well,in comment section many ppl mention that it does not work for them too so i dunno what else you could try. I'm starting the game now,will try exploit when i'm done with my playthrough and report here if it worked for me.
  12. Try this way:
  13. And you have EU version of the game?
  14. So none of you guys can get exploit to work on ps5?
  15. Like Zerathel said- boring chorefest and huge grind of super unstable,choppy,prone to crashing game. You will be dreading playing it for the platinum and will fall a sleep many times while grinding 1 milion kills. I do not recommend it even if you want UR plat-there are better games to sink that much time into. And there is very high chance that glitched trophies will never be fixed. So unless you really want to start hating the game your playing i do not recommend buying and playing it. I went for it blind and deeply regreted it.