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  1. You do not have to grind cards again. Everything is server based aside from offline saved games. I deleted all data and saves becouse i thought maybe it bugged out and is the cause of problems. You wont lose anything after deletion. At this point i would just make sure to not be downed when mission ends. This seems to be the root of trophy problem.
  2. After another over 10 hours (dreadful rng on mission 4 was fucking up my runs badly) i finished it again and...no trophy or completion in game. I'm just resigned.... It seems that no one has such problems. B4B support told me everything works fine. Ppl unlock this trophy and in game fine. No one complains. And yet i did it twice and it just wont pop. I dunno what now,maybe full profile removal from console and re-adding it and reistaling game will help. I had only once such thing happend to me in the game Bears cant drift where one trophy just would not unlock on my profile at all. I had to do it on fresh offline user on ps4 and merge it then with my online profile. But it was one trophy. Here there are 3. Maybe i should do veteran first to check if this will unlock. EDIT; I deleted all saved data and started again. The trophies popped right and the end of 4th mission,where i mentioned that i finished it incapacitated. Maybe it bugged out or maybe you really need to be alive at the end of the mission. Anyway if anyone else will have that problem just make sure you are alive at the end of each mission.
  3. I too used a hive in the previous dlc and it popped fine. This time i did not use hive and it did not. I also received few msgs from support and they confirmed that it can be done offline no problem. When i finish full run second time and it won't pop then i will be worried wth is going on with it.
  4. Did you played online or offline?As i can see you had no problems with trophies for acts poping.
  5. Well i did 2 dlcs befour on offline with bots,and it counted fine. Also i got trophy for recruit with bots fine in this dlc. There is no mention anywhere that you cant do it offline with bots in patch notes and i do not think so that for last dlc they suddenly changed that and never mentioned it. If you were alive at the end in each mission i dunno then....i wonder if all the ppl that got the trophy got it while playing online.
  6. I have a theory that you cannot be downed when mission ends. On mission 4 where tram takes me up the mountain one more sniper spawns. I forgot about it and he downed me. Befour npc picked me up,mission ended and i was at last mission. I think becouse of that that 4th mission did not count. Unfortunately since release of the game they havent added any option in the game to check wich mission was completed on any difficulty in the game. So the only way is to start again and be sure every mission will be finished without being downed in the end. I'm going to update this topic once ill do No Hope full run again. If I'm correct,i should get the trophy at mission 4.
  7. So i have just finished act 6 on no hope with bots offline. The trophies and in game rewards for finishing on this difficulty did not unlock. I thought that was wierd so i finished it again (with download my save from cloud) and it did not unlock. I restarted console,game,went online,checked everything and nothing seems to trigger it. I have i save in cloud right befour final mission so i am able to try again (really do not want to repeat whole act again....) Recruit difficulty popped fine with bots on offline. Previous 2 dlcs popped fine no problem on offline with bots. Anyone else cant unlock those trophies? Offline with bots? Or had similar problem? I'm worried that even in game accomplishments it did not register that i did it.
  8. Holy shit man,never thought of that! I'm currently at tier 24 and killing final boss in about 40-50 seconds solo. With this tip i can kill him 4 times and keep all the loot from all resets in about 5 mins. This is insane and I'm sure they will patch it sooner or later. Keeping all the loot despite quiting after killing Arbiter is definitely not intented.
  9. Yeah some items are strongest stats wise FromSoftware has ever done. I just found Radagon's Soreseal in Fort Faroth. It gives 20 free levels in: +5 str +5 vigor +5 endurance +5 dextrity All of this at the cost of additonal ~10% dmg taken. You would have to hit soft cap for most of this stats to make it not worth it....
  10. I started as Prisoner and was going int/dex to make similar class to Enchanted Knight. Was mostly one shoting bosses. I use Oleg Banished Knight summonj for tanking and carrion sliced(spell) my way through most things. Was playing around with gear and checking spells out,but sadly most of them do really weak dmg even despite dumping all points to int. But then i found Sword of Night and Flame and holy shit this thing is absolutely broken. It required faith 24 and int 24 to use so i just respeced to check it out and I'm shocked how much dmg it does and how far range it has. I only upgraded it to +4 and it MELTS everything. And the FP cost is really low for what it does. I made quick video just to show you guys how it works: I found it in Caria Manor,behind locked door and i think you can just run there immidiatly after getting Torrent. No fighting required,just some high stats to use it. I think it shouldn't out perform all spells but it actually does right now so i think they might nerf it. You just hold L2 and then press R1 for comet (dmg benefits from int) or R2 Flame (dmg benefits from Faith) and watch how it destroys everything.
  11. Here is recomended lvl for each part of the map. https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Recommended+Level+by+Location Or if you want more detailed version and spoil yourself,here is exactly what to do: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Game+Progress+Route
  12. Just got 2 stacks done,both on ps5. I always picked up scroll first so this might help.
  13. Wich one is missable?
  14. Can't remember where exactly i got it but for sure it was from one of the side quests. And i had it befour i even entered Nimika first time. So as long as you complete every "?" on the map you should get it for sure.
  15. I focused on them since the begining of the game and had to only farm rest of them for about 30 minutes in final battle first combat encounter. Thought it would be much worse to do them all but if you start early and progress them through the game they won't pose a problem.