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  1. Map room trophy still not popping for me Edit: still not popping at one point I saw it lost the top left tile of the map so left it a while and came back to it and sadly to no avail for me.
  2. England is still a part of Europe thank you very much we just are not a part of the European Union (which was originally a common market not with all these laws that impose a lot on countries one way or another, good or bad ) the amount of brits who thought leaving the EU meant we weren't a part of Europe drove me nuts as its geographical not a political thing.
  3. I hope for your sake that the legacy packs work but ordering from LR was a bad idea especially when square enix published the game for everywhere outside the US, deluxe edition included.... Got my copy of the deluxe today and I'm in the UK, which region wise is still a part of Europe. (they decided to stick french as well on the PS5 upgrade available box making it big and ugly...) I heard if you check the PS store and the game numbers match in both regions it should mean the dlc will work? If that is true at least it will be helpful for you.
  4. It looks pretty darn challenging, I'll probably not be able to get the plat for this (haven't for the N'sane trilogy or CTR as I hate time trials) not without help anyway, the collectables I should be able to manage won't be getting the game at launch (massive backlog+ I can't justify £50-60 for a platformer and plus with it being activision blizzard... emphasis on the blizzard bit due to the human rights stuff last year... will get it when I can get it for around £35 like I paid for the N'sane trilogy) but pleased to see what's expected for the platinum in advance, including the local MP with trophies is a nice touch as it doesn't make the modes completely useless for a lot of people, surprised there is only 4 coloured gems but with what 5-6 gems per level and there being over 100 levels from what was announced (not too sure if that includes the N.verted ones or they mean 100+ unique levels) it makes it pretty crazy compared to the previous games. Will take a look at some gameplay of the final build as the demo they made the slide jumping have no momentum like the the original trilogy did, and momentum in games like this is everything especially for some of the places where they will hide gems (though I saw a slide spin in the demo makes the game speedrunning wise seem like a cakewalk...) the extra height and momentum is essential for the game, if its not in hopefully they patch it in asap.
  5. These had better come to the UK and hopefully a physical release, as well as DSII actually getting localisation.... DSII was not avaliable in the UK on the 360 marketplace which drove me nuts if I have to import it next year because it does get a physical release in Japan I'll probably do so bullet hell ftw.
  6. Not getting one at launch but picking up spider-man miles morales UE for when I do get the system, only way I can justify the price of the standalone expansion/story especially when the PS4 version for the story is going to be the same price of £52, the way the pricing has gone is pretty harsh right off the bat. I'd love to justify sackboy a big adventure (especially with the special edition being leaked out I love that plushie) but I'll probably wait for a nice special edition system either horizon or god of war should hopefully have one, more tempted by the latter especially if there are runes on the console.
  7. Truthfully your probably better off with Sony in many regards than MS, I was mainly xbox last gen into the start of the current one but ended up fully switching over a year and a half or so ago because MS' first party titles have been low quality though they are meant to be "Triple A" studios, the only exception to that has been Ori....and that's also avaliable on steam, and with MS' titles being avaliable via win 10/steam now too not as much incentive there compared. I hope things change more (don't see why they cant send the codes out via the from playstation notifications that they did with the player celebration), they know those who are signed up for emails don't always get them so changing things would be better. Its silly they have done things the way they have but I'd say out the 2 Sony is also more customer friendly when it comes to their firmware....not updating the layout of the console's UI every 6 months- a year.... to make it better <,< more like make it more annoying even if it speeds up the console a bit + if you became an achievement hunter be prepared for achievements not to unlock if your seriously unlucky for months if not a year though you had hit the requirements because they use cloud servers for all the Xbox one+ XSX (when it gets exclusive titles in over a year, as at least the first year all their titles will be on both X1/SX) and it can drive you nuts, I had achievements on Halo the master chief collection bug like that and a few other games and they took ages to unlock and with the former I had to repeat some of the conditions again, whilst playstation at least make it easier as its still local based for trophy unlocking.
  8. It is especially when they are dropping these 5 months on pretty much from release had these been done day one then they would of had every right to compared but here without warning its not fair, at least I had no hassle with who I spoke with honestly I just wish I got the emails would be a lot less hassle for the support staff, I just went straight in on this one as I'm not giving it 2 weeks when I don't get the emails full stop, which I waited for on god of war, detroit, Persona 5 Royal and such...
  9. You could ask them to manually add them if you weren't signed up to the emails if need be (I'm signed up but never get them), always worth a try? All I was asked was for a screenshot showing I had earned trophies in the game, sent them the platinum trophy unlock time/ date stamp and was told they will get back to me via email.
  10. Well I've been able to live chat with PS support UK the option was there for me today, which was far better for my health than using a phone (I have tinnitus and hyperacusis so phonecalls I try and avoid) was actually surprised the option was there today considering how often it doesn't exist.
  11. And this is something I'm gonna have to chase up as I never get the emails.... another tedious phonecall yay as that's now needed for verification as it is.... but nice to know its finally gotten some rewards leaving it almost 5 months is pretty nuts for rewards to be added.
  12. I was going to get this game as the physical premium edition, its the fact marvelous were quiet as hell with when it could be pre-ordered and then upright cancelled it when they finally announced the release date (which retailers had put and they said was a "placeholder date" again lying to customers) absolutely infuriating the playerbase, as after that other region copies of the premium edition were either raised in price or out of stock, and the only way to get the premium edition contents is to spend £85 on a game now so I'm waiting for a heavy discount, was never fussed by the season pass myself (getting tired of multiple season passes for fighting games as a whole only reason I accept DBFZ's ones is because of licenses but I do not buy them at full price) its a right shame as Arc System Works make great games but the publisher is useless so I'm waiting for at least 50% off before I get it, plus in general fighting games don't stay active for very long compared online, usually a month or 2 before the player base seriously declines in numbers and then your just left with the hardcore player base.
  13. Co-Op Endurance can be buggy I couldn't shoot anything (arrows, guns etc) near the end of the final run and my partner couldn't see me (they literally fixed nothing from the xbox release here for it sadly but it was far better compressed file size wise) but was still able to get it all done. Anything regarding challenges outside the main game you manually have to activate when your playing the other modes so you are aware as they give you the trophies+ credits so you can get further card packs.
  14. People would rather it end in at 250, 500 or 000 (especially with how games are now) when its like 1,910 or something, I was on the xbox last gen and started on it this gen (PS3 really didn't have anything great for me till near the end of its lifecycle which really blew) but have switched over fully to playstation pretty much now gaming wise (still play a bit of my backlog on the X1 but extremely rarely) no point buying 3rd party games on a system I don't really use now, and the only good console exclusives they had this gen was sunset overdrive and ori and the blind forest/will of the wisps .... may play halo infinite via game pass when it launches so I can see what they've done with it but apart from that no interest in the console anymore
  15. Yep, sometimes they end up with very odd values for total score....and it really can bug achievement hunters to no end.