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  1. I understand Rajang can be difficult. This is my first MH and when he was released he completely destroyed me. You got to change your whole approach when fighting Rajang. You don't attack Rajang, you wait for him to allow you to hit him. Don't focus on attacking so much. Wait for an opening. The best opening is when he does his straight golden laser or when he does the belly flop, but don't be too close to the belly flop because it causes a minor tremor. For Rajang I use a Crit Draw Greatsword build using Velkhana's Frostcraft. It's a hit and run playstyle. Focus on the tail when he goes super saiyan. Use Lifepowder and Dust of Life to heal yourself and teammates if they have trouble with Rajang. For Yian Garuga, don't know what to tell you, I don't go anywhere near that thing lol. I use a LBG sticky build for that maniac. If you are melee there is a couple of openings. He has similar moves to Rathalos/Rathian. Edit: I understand it's difficult bro, don't give up or maybe take a break? Maybe send me a friend request so I can help you? We can try it with you, me, and 2 randoms. Or just me and you as a duo.
  2. Looks like the last one made someone cry and it was removed, np!


    Live video footage when other PSNPee forum members are looking at your trophy profile to see if you have any hacked trophies




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    2. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Looks like the status update got whacked instead of Ralph lol.

    3. SinisterPledge


      Lmao you removed his reply. Guess I'll PM him. You absolute gangster.

    4. Bodyodorthegrave69



      It was revenge for Beyond, and a lot of other things. And there was nothing that we could do about it. Beyond was a made man and BodyOdor wasn't. And we had to sit still and take it. It was among the PSNPee members. It was real butter ball shit. They even shot BodyOdor in the face so his mother couldn't give him an open coffin at the funeral.


  3. When I was doing the crown event quests in vanilla MHW, I would always host them myself, but I would not start hunting monsters till people would come in. Or I would almost kill the first monster, then capture it when the lobby got full. Just to be polite. Nobody carted 3 times ever. EZ. If you have a very high HR/MR number, people will follow your lead. Best time to play is when the Japanese players are on, they are best teammates. I recommend hosting them yourself if you are good at the game, but if you need to be carried, join in on an experienced player.
  4. I'll try
  5. Lmao another one of these threads... I play and plat and 100% games I actually enjoy. Imagine that, what a radical idea, huh... Wait...Math, aren't you that guy who got off the payload in Dorado when we were boosting Overwatch...
  6. Plat #16: Bastion

    Great game!
    Thank you @VoxAnimi for suggesting I play it and your support <3 

    (the heart emoji is a platonic heart lol)


    Live video footage of trophy hunters in a boosting session.

    They forgot to read the trophy guide before the session started...

    They have no idea what they are doing 😂



  7. Enough is enough. Concerned family members and friends voice their concerns to their loved one who is destroying his life...


    Live video footage of a trophy whore's intervention:

    (That bit about the trophy whore killing the dog by accident is trophy hunting jargon for playing too many Powgi games lulz):



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    2. VoxAnimi


      The quickest solution would be to find a bunch of obscure titles with ultra rare trophies and counter the inner trophy whore with an influx of those trophies. Time to play mediocre PS3 titles from a decade ago with deserted servers or unreadable Moon Rune titles that are very lengthy! 

    3. Sword


      Why do I feel personally attacked by this post.


      stop it. stop it right now. shoo. go away. my trophies. my rata games. reeeeeeeeeeee.

    4. Bodyodorthegrave69
  8. A gamer gurl starts harassing a trophy hunter who is busying playing Monster Hunter World.

    Everyone's favorite PSNPee mod FeebleFruit <3 comes in to save the day (sort of) and gives the gamer gurl her first warning point. 



    Live video footage of a nice day on the PSNPee forums. There is a small incident at the Dispute Forums, but everyone carries on, having a nice day discussing trophies and upcoming games.



    1. grimydawg___


      The BO Chronicles :hmm: 

  9. Weird that they would have Anjanath and Rathalos repeat.
  10. Live video footage of PSNPee's Cheater Removal Team in action.


    Mods Slimy_Dawg and BIvysaur drive up to a Trophy Hacker den. Slimy_Dawg sends in BIvysaur to clean up the place. BIvysaur is so successful he manages to ban 2 trophy hackers that were top 100 on da PSNPee leaderboards. Many cousins were severely beaten trying to "help" the trophy hackers. MMDumbledorE calls Slimy_Dawg to check if the job went ok.



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      @starcrunch061 Lol I can always switch to some The Wire clips xD

    3. B1rvine


      Can I use the name change feature and become Bovine69?

    4. Bodyodorthegrave69



      Lol ty for inspiration. Bovine69 sounds great.

  11. Reminder. Later today, the Iceborne Crown Event quest Yodeling in the Forest releases. It runs from 2/13 to 2/20. What we know so far is that Rajang (not needed for plat), Nargacuga, and Yian Garuga (regular version most likely) will be available for this quest. Most likely other monsters will be available. I doubt it will only be three. If you only need a certain monster(s) for crowns, you don't have to hunt the other monsters or even finish the quest. Hunt/capture your target monsters, then select Return from Quest in the Options menu. Do NOT pick Abandon Quest. Just so everyone is aware of the differences: Abandon Quest - the quest is failed and you return to the hub as if you never left for the quest. This means that all of your items you used along the way are not gone, but any carves/items you gathered while on the quest are lost. You also do not get any quest rewards. Use this wisely in case you don't want to waste those Ancient Potions you already used when you realize you're going to fail or run out of time. Return from Quest - this is basically the opposite of Abandon Quest. You still fail from the quest, but return as you are. Any items you've used are gone, but carves, items, and crowns you've gathered are kept. You still get to keep the Quest rewards if you triggered any from breaking parts. Good luck to you guys!
  12. This game just keeps on giving.

    My favorite game of all time.

    I love fighting Brachydios and Rajang, so more powerful versions has me very excited.




  13. What are some good SSD that work well with a launch/regular PS4? Will that same SSD that works on the regular model, will it be compatible for a PS4 PRO?
  14. More stickers of course. The uglier the better. That should be their TOP priority.
  15. I wanted to plat this game together along with Witcher 3, guess I'll play Gwent on PC.