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  1. Well hello there. Thanks for the follow! I see you have a lot of the dark souls games + Bloodborne done. Very awesome. Wanted to play Demon Souls but I don't have a ps3. Hopefully ps5 will let us play ps3 games but highly unlikely. Then I'd get to play demon souls lol

    1. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Congrats on Sekiro and Bloodborne!


      Yes Demon's Souls is awesome. Maybe the secret Bluepoint game will be a Demon's Remake. Yeah I wonder if PS5 will play actual PS3 discs. I had to rebuy my PS3 and found a superslim for $60 on Ebay. Maybe you might find one at a good price. If you play any of the other Soulsborne games on PS4 let know if you need help or advice. You have a cool name btw. Nice you friend of VoxAnimi too haha. Ty for reciprocating with follow. Goodluck with Diablo 3 holy moly the 500 bounties is tedious. You got the all the necromancer dlc out of the way at least. What classes you got left to level up to 70? I like them all but find monk boring.



    2. SanctifiedSword


      Thanks and no problem, I like to follow interesting people. Yeah I spent awhile trying names and eventually came up with this one xD! Next up: the Dark Souls series (when the spring backlog event starts). I've played the first Dark Souls multiple times, but the others? Not at all. So I may need some help with the collectables on those. The rings seem to be the most daunting trophies to get.


      Well I do know they are making another mainline entry called Elden Ring. You excited for that one? Also, $60 isn't bad at all for a PS3 (as long as it works). Might end up getting one in the event ps5 isn't full backwards compatibility. 


      Tell me about it. Diablo 3 has been in my backlog for awhile. I leveled up 3 classes to 70 last night, including the 2 I had done previously. I can choose between the Witch Doctor and the Wizard as my final class to level up. Monk was the last one I did last night. Was the most boring one so far, so I agree with your statement. 253/500 bounties done though so once I level up my last character I'll just run easy torment bounties till I get the plat. 


    3. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Yeah I got all the rings via trading with someone because I like to play one play-through so I have access to all areas to help others with their bosses. Sure I can give you all the rings, I think I was even given DLC rings even though I don't have the DLC. Sure, I can give you the rings easily since Dark Souls 3 has a password system.


      Just let me know in advance so I can reinstall/download patches again, I have it on disc.


      I love Witch Doctor, I imagine the meta/mechanics have changed a lot since last time I played, but there were some really fun abilites/builds to use with him. My favorite ability he had was the Piranha Tornado lol. I would recommend Witch Doctor for fun factor, but I think Wizard has always been op in terms of clear speed and power.


      I played it on PC, I have it on PS4, have yet to play it, the backlog keeps growing.

      Goodluck with the bounites, try joining a lobby with several people doing bounites, any bounites they do counts for you even if you weren't on that specific part of the map they did their bounty.