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  1. In Search of Rare Materials Gather materials at rare outcrops and bonepiles.
  2. Code Vein Collector's Edition. Very exciting! Sold out so fast.
  3. Monster Hunter World and Soulsborne series.
  4. Visiting this website lmao.
  5. You're welcome ; )
  6. I got my PS5 already. 10 stacks of My Name is Mayo Remaster and 6 stacks of My Name is Mayo 2 are my first PS5 games.
  7. Grats bro
  8. Welcome to site Devil May Cry and Persona 5, great games! Do you like Berserk manga?
  9. Oh snap it's Abyss. Your videos for the crowns in the base game helped me so much!
  10. Can you explain this better? An icon with an icon on it? Where on the map are these icons? Do you mean World map or region map?
  11. You bear the mark of shame hero, but embark on the quest of defeating Dagoth-Ur and restore peace to the land. Fulfill your destinyyyyyyyy. Oh we talking about trophies? Lol who cares bro if a little H shows up.
  12. Skilled Steamworker Send the Steamworks into overdrive. Steamworks in a nutshell = Experienced Rider Use Raider Ride many times.
  13. Grats
  14. What I don't understand is why are the TEAM members not included with the record holder of most plats? Shouldn't the rest of the TEAM get credit as well?