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  1. PSN: Ahmed_Atoya feel Free to add me
  2. I totally missed that, thanks Cleggworth. And sorry I put in Resident evil 2 section by accident, I’m an idiot lol 🤦‍♂️
  3. Tbh I won’t get them, I don’t want to hate the story by replying the game over and over.
  4. I’m just curious how will psnprofiles handle the psn name changes... will our new psn names will be updated to the website as soon we change them, or it will take a long time to update?
  5. I really wanted a trophy for getting 2500 KOTH respect points, this list looks easy but grindy
  6. 1. Persona 5 2. Yakuza 0 3. COD Black ops 3 4. Life is strange 5. Rdr 2
  7. LoL I didn’t know u can refund games on EU account 😆
  8. You made it right on time, I will use it tomorrow for sure.. thx BadDriver
  9. Persona 5 had a lot of missable trophies