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  1. new secrets at The Graham Norton Show
  2. http://www.treknews.net/2017/02/02/why-ds9-voyager-not-on-blu-ray-hd/
  3. yes I know next to size but a big button on the left of Submit Reply looks better
  4. Preview button in Reply and in New Topic would be great
  5. don't like it at all, the chat was very easy to use
  6. HuntingFever what is not to like in the star trek movies and series The only thing I didn't like is the time period which Star Trek Discovery is playing because it is before Star Trek TOS and that was a huge mistake, main reason TECHNOLOGY
  7. also Deanni Trol, Data, Seven of Nine and Riker will be back it is only logical
  8. When I look at a game then I see no total points and trophies in the base game, I see them only in DLC why is that? Spock
  9. there is an update for this: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/table
  10. you will get somethin like this User Legend: [Owner] [Moderator] [Guide]
  11. yes would it not be great to put that in a legend
  12. see this picture as example https://imgur.com/a/55fqV4l
  13. each color in a name means a different status, so to show what it means a usergroup legend would be great Spock
  14. I see that the names in who is are all in color, so why is that not in postbit_legacy, then all the names are in black will it not be nicer that also the names there will be in color Spock