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  1. Less than an hour to go Good luck Garcia lets have a great match
  2. Looking forward to the mayhem thats about to begin, my backlog is ready and waiting to be worked on, LETS DO THIS !!!!
  3. Fully Updated with all Platinums and 100%'s earned since the last update in 2014 Created goals for 2016 and updated stats to their correct values
  4. Hey guys count me in need to get stuck into some proper trophy hunting again and a bit of friendly competition can only help
  5. Time to kick back and work on some of my Tell Tale adventures methinks during this break, which to do 1st though
  6. Well the 1st test is out the way, the next test is next week. So I thought it's time for the new season discussion thread. Jerez testing has come up with a few things of note. Ferrari appear to have upped their game considerably, Red Bull must have some great new bodywork that they are hiding under that Camo livery. McLaren and Honda, with an amazing driver lineup, have their work cut out for them to get reliable and Sauber look like they could actually score some points this year. Mercedes look to be out in front once again however, with Williams probably not to far behind. (If at all behind) Force India still haven't shown up at any testing and won't confirm if they will do ANY testing finally Marussia / Manor Racing will hopefully get back on the grid for Melbourne. What's everyone's view of testing so far and the coming season. I'll just leave you with a picture of THAT Red Bull livery
  7. WOOHOO finally got my Smart As Plat only took me a few weeks short of a year to do lol I know it's a bit late but good luck Survivor in our fixture
  8. Good luck Shogun let's have a great matchup
  9. Good luck everyone, let's have a great season (except when playing me lol)
  10. WooHoo 64GB Vita Card arrived should solve the space issues for a little bit at least :D

  11. In the words of John McCarthy in the UFC "LET'S GET IT ON!!!"
  12. I think we start again on the 9th according to the first page mate, Can't wait to get up and running again
  13. Updated Stats 2 New Platinums added - inFAMOUS First Light - PS4 - LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 - Vita
  14. Good luck to all in the CWC. On a personal note, I've thoroughly enjoyed my 1st season and found that it is a great motivator. Thanks to all the staff for their hard work and time putting this together and all the other participants for the friendly rivalry and banter. Already looking forward to the new year and a new season ahead. Cheers all and hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year
  15. Good luck Proteinman (Although I don't think you'll need it lol) Let's see if I can put up a fight at least