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  1. [UPDATE - 10/05/2021] Added The End of the Beginning trophy !
  2. Thanks for the video ! As an other option to get this trophy, here is an example video :
  3. [UPDATE - 04/05/2021] Added Et tu, Copernicus ? and When Sheep Fly trophies !
  4. [UPDATE - 21/04/2021] Added Zurkon Family Values trophy !
  5. [UPDATE - 18/04/2021] Added Pool Sharks Are The Worst, Kerwan Gladiator & Warbots into Plowshares trophies !
  6. [UPDATE - 10/04/2021] Added That Sinking Feeling & Faster Than A Speeding Amoeboid trophies !
  7. Hi everybody ! I've started playing this game and I will upload videos on Youtube to help you getting all the game trophies. Here is the playlist containing all these videos (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFxD8JlZp9AeBaqFaPyO_71nPxlSqLtgj), and here is a list with all trophies: Basically Training : https://youtu.be/UGSp3ZGYHG0 The Little Robot That Could : https://youtu.be/s-olRlgno3k Modder : https://youtu.be/_PTCOCHjOgI That Sinking Feeling : https://youtu.be/eg3iLi_jqAg Faster Than A Speeding Amoeboid : https://youtu.be/6Eodn0bYraY Pool Sharks Are The Worst : https://youtu.be/hVEhW8Eo2hA Kerwan Gladiator : https://youtu.be/lSL5QE4jVVU Warbots into Plowshares : https://youtu.be/f1j7vJH-Y5M Zurkon Family Values : https://youtu.be/OyNvzxYUrxE Et tu, Copernicus ? : https://youtu.be/ayG1yyR0QCo When Sheep Fly : https://youtu.be/gFs2QSICEQM The End of the Beginning : https://youtu.be/4Sa1jRzU36A I hope this will help you getting the Platinum !
  8. Bird Hunter was the last trophy I had to get to achieve the platinum trophy. As it can be a bit tricky to get, here is a video showing how to get it easily : You can also find my other videos in my COD MW2 Remastered playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFxD8JlZp9AcQqJw2hovSJ7V02A9T2SrZ I hope I've helped you !
  9. [UPDATE - 31/01/2021] Added Bird Hunter trophy !
  10. [UPDATE - 30/03/2021] Added Desperado trophy !
  11. [UPDATE - 28/03/2021] Added Geared Up trophy !
  12. I've struggled a lot trying to get this trophy so here is a video on how to get it easily. I think the best mission for it is "No Russian" as there are not many enemies and it's quite simple to find new weapons when you get low. You may find the video here :
  13. [UPDATE - 20/03/2021] Added The Real Gun Game trophy !
  14. [UPDATE - 20/03/2021] Added Challenger trophy !
  15. [UPDATE - 05/03/2021] Added Maxed Out trophy !