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  1. A gold trophy is worth 6 bronze ones, so yes, 70 > 11*6 I legit used to think all games with platinum must always have at least 1 gold trophy lol
  2. Speaking of games that I both didn't enjoy and have bad trophy lists, it's Assassin's Creed Unity, Erica and Journey.
  3. UTC+3 (Moscow), Europe server I've had more success on 8-12 AM than 6-10 PM.
  4. Actually it's not that bad as it might seem first. Certain maps are decided by pure RNG, but Short Circuit, Full Tilt and Lily Leapers are more or less skill-dependent and you can easily finish in top 3. Took me only two weeks ~2-4 hours each day. Also, playing in the morning hours helped me a lot.
  5. About 5 hours I think. I used the first zone from the trophy guide as it requires the least effort.
  6. I have installed the 1.09 game version, but the total game size is 61.08 GB, not 60.779 as shown in the video. Is that okay? UPD: apparently okay. Game crashed once but I have earned remaining glitchy trophies (earn 500K, spend 500K) successfully.
  7. Also, as I'm looking to do 100% in one run, can I start new game straight with Resistance difficulty? If so, can I switch to normal difficulty after beating the story for the cleanup?
  8. Trophy doesn't pop upon unlocking the final reward from the Gift Machine. Don't open the last reward until Ubisoft fix the trophy! UPD: Ubisoft's CM said devs recreated the bug and are looking into the problem. Apparently the set of avatars unlocked with the first launch of the game is the problem. These are available for those who played Just Dance games before. The only person on PSNP that has the platinum trophy has never played any other JD games on this account. Hopefully the patch comes soon! UPD: on March 9th, patch 1.01 was released. If you meet the requirement, trophy will pop while the game loads.
  9. Absoultely gonna plat Just Dance 2022, Elden Ring, Saints Row, Horizon 2 and God Of War Ragnarok
  10. Loved the genre variety, Celeste / Shantae / Sleeping Dogs / L.A.Noire play can have my respect But yo play that Bloodborne DLC 8/10
  11. I can already see Stonks in everyone's trophy cabinets
  12. 8 games: Just Dance 2017 Just Dance 2018 Just Dance 2020 Overwatch Outlast Deus Ex: Mankind Divided DiRT Rally 2.0 Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
  13. Super Meat Boy. Just don't.
  14. Dirt Rally 2.0 Pedal to the Metal Set a time of 7 minutes or faster on Newhouse Bridge, in the SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally. After about 10 hours, few hundred restarts and cursing every single stump on this route, it is done in 06:58. I enjoyed learning the route and mastering the vehicle though, but if ...Flatout is even harder than this, then I'm really screwed.
  15. Horizon is quite an easy plat and has just enough content so you complete the game before you start getting bored of it.