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  1. Im missing a decent amount of recipe fragments anyone can help me know where all the ones with the logs u can break are?
  2. So i was able to get s rank in all of the solosseum slug missions. How do u get the rest of the Manuals for the higgledy style and wizards companion?
  3. Im only missing s on number 27 and now the last one . Any advice on those two?
  4. So the mushroom in 28 keeps healing himself how do u stop him from constantly healing hjmself
  5. The robot thats weak versus light attacks is he resistant to magic attacks?
  6. Which one in gizmo supremo more mp items? Also thanks alot dude. My leander is over 2000 for magic stats
  7. I tried using evan but the water attacks are too weak. im having trouble vs the giant pig also he summons a fairy seems i should be using leander instead of tami for wind magic attacks
  8. How do i defeat temper temple? My water based attacks are doing barely any damage on him and i dont have any strong water based weapons. Any tips to defeat him fast enough to get a s rank?