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  1. Running around with all 4 characters sounds fun even if it does get dlc trophy's and can be done with one person I'm still probably going to just a group make it more fun Debs on Redhood
  2. I completely forgot about this until it was too late 😢
  3. Oh yeah especially when I tried to boost it people where unalienable constantly
  4. If this is a mess up and they forget to shut it down no one tell them
  5. Well this post just reminded me that the servers are shutting down I completely forgot about it I don't know if this is in the store and probably won't get it in time if I get it online 😓
  6. I did co op before doing these challenges and mine worked fine after doing co op nothing bugged out
  7. I guess from battlefield hardline servers boosting money no killing lobby yet people where in fact killing each other I got annoyed with being killed so I killed someone and boom banned
  8. I recently been playing this game I'm on chapter 5 and it isn't really that difficult a little frustrating but still easy game
  9. Yeah I was kinda hoping for dlc trophy's but they where never added 😤
  10. Ohhhhh ok thanks I didn't know that
  11. I can't make a session I don't see it on the games list
  12. I knew about this but I couldn't get into my account every time I wanted to reset my password it would say this account can't have it's password changed on race net .com
  13. Does the dlc trophy's also Auto pop or is it just the base game trophy's?
  14. I would probably say marvel's avengers because of the complete 50 hives trophy I was so sick of seeing/doing the same hive over and over and over again fighting the same enemy's doing the same objectives till the trophy pooped Now I can't even look at the game without my stomach feeling sick
  15. Hope to see crash bash be apart of the classics and have trophy's it's going to be a grind getting 100% but I'm game 😅