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  1. Survive the manure, for the month of may we must endure.
  2. Lol, I was just thinking that myself. Seeing as I have completely no interest in playing MGS. Cars 3 over MGS would be a blessing.
  3. 10 euro for additional save files? OUCH WTF? Umm, having to pay for additional save files....Again, WTF??? No wonder they're giving us this piece of shit come May :/ Well its most likely going to be our free game come May right? Fingers crossed that shit ain't passed on to us here in Australia.
  4. I may cry if we get Metal Gear Survive. I'm not in the least bit interested in a 200+ hour platinum.
  5. Your completion rate has jumped up to just over 15% Also, you have twice the amount of ultra rare trophies than I do. Ya not doing too bad, considering you've played/sampled almost 1900 games Ya cool imo, glad ya don't give a toss what others think and all too.
  6. Seems to me he didn't have a Pleasant Night here with this game. Sounds like most of us here did though.
  7. Some small mammal stole one of his nuts maybe? Perhaps Sly Cooper? Anyways, any news of a new Sly Cooper game coming soon?
  8. This has gotta be a first right? Someone complaining about a Ratalaika game being too difficult?
  9. To all ya fine people that accused us of hacking Sonic & All-Star Racing i say TOLD YA SO. Kudos btw to the people who proved that we didn't cheat and all to begin with.
  10. Hallelujah prise the lord Jesus Christ. Some people should apologize for flagging us non cheaters to begin with.
  11. Perhaps if we can rally up a few more instances where this has happened with other users, we may actually be heard. I had a fine wine, cough whine here also and got myself absolutely, freaking nowhere unfortunately crash10. I croaked in and gave up, couldn't be frogged playing through the game again to see if i could somehow show how it occurred and all. Best of luck if ya can prove that its a glitch and all, your the best in the world if you can.
  12. Dixie, Donkey, Cranky and Lanky. The whole crew are here at...

  13. How can i explain what just happened out of the blue without my knowledge? Anyways please explain how some people here have over 1500 platinums and they're still on the leader boards? 

    1. SarDarniTron


      Triple Platinum on the same games 😵

    2. kingdrake2


      the plats are earned legit for the most part they have alot of time, money and motivation. if you see something that doesn't look right can always flag those through messaging the moderation team or by going to a trophy list you already played and reporting from that.

  14. Seems to be a bug with this game it appears. I got flagged for getting both Now there are no limits! & To be this good takes AGES within seconds of each other.
  15. No way to prove i didn't cheat with that 1 game i'm accused of cheating on right? Really wish there was a way i could, seeing as idk why trophies a Kinda sucks to have to hide a game i legitimately got 100% platinum on myself but whatever. I'll go onto my psnp now and see if i can fix this bs up and all. Thanks for letting me know about this and all kingdrake2.