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  1. Wish I had read this earlier... my second game was straight into full discard death for all hunters
  2. @DrakeHellsing: In order to level up, you have to go to the left-most option in the coliseum (i think it's customize) and select the character you want to assign figure XP to. XP needed varies depending on current level and rarity of the figure. In early game I feel that dismantling duplicates (purchased by spending 3 TP) may be easier to gain Figure XP than to do the actual fights (really slow leveling and gains). @JamieHeron95: As far as I'm aware, you can only obtain new figures by login bonus and/or by spending TP to purchase them. edit: there are some battles further down the story that also give figures
  3. From personal experience (regarding not only difficulty but also fun while doing so... even if I never got to finish it myself): Borderlands 2 Demon Souls (and the other Souls games to a minor extent - first one is always harder for the player) Injustice, DoA5 and the rest of the fighting games gang (I can't find myself playing properly without arcade stick ) Uncharted series (definitely a must regarding story, even though crushing can be frustrating at some points) Warhammer 40k: Space Marine (without boosting it was one hell of an adventure and many long hours in MP) Disgaea 4 (and would also mention the others, even tho I was never brave enough to attempt the plats) Nier (a must for it's story - terribly underrated game tho) Vanquish (urgh challenges)
  4. Game was worth a few more hours than I expected for such a "simple" title (I often target 1€/hr of gameplay to consider if it's a good buy or not - length-wise). The gameplay is indeed fun and sometimes it can be quite challenging. Must say it surprised me quite a bit (on the positive side). Will definitely recommend it as well
  5. This is so true it hurts... most NIS games always get hammered down by reviews. Think that Disgaea is pretty much the sole exception here (and even Disgaea gets hammered by some reviewers). Anyway, started playing the game today and personally I feel it's worth it. Gameplay's interesting and faster paced than their usual games and the characters/dialogues... well let's just say it's totally NIS. About people saying that she's dislikable... i'd compare that to giving a bad review to Disgaea 1 cause Laharl is mean/evil
  6. Even tho that info is from an external board, it should indeed get posted on the tips