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  1. you're a big fan of japanese games yourself
  2. you should at least go for 120 stars though with Mario, the game is actually quite easy, especially when compared to SMG 2.
  3. Oh shoot, yeah I forgot about The Binding of Issac DLC of course. Also, Torna dlc for Xenoblade 2. That dlc got its very own physical release and I've heard it's real good. Just gotta beat 2 before I play Torna
  4. Probably Old Hunters for me as well, gave us some great areas and some great bosses. Splatoon DLC was great too just because it kept coming months after the game was out, and it was all free! I assume it was like that for Splatoon 2 as well although the time I spent with 2 pales in comparison to the 1st
  5. that's not how it works but alright you like violent games
  6. likes "manly" games
  7. likes violent anything
  8. Just completed Little Nightmares 2, started Astral Chain last night but I will drop it immediately once I get my copy of Persona 5 Strikers on Tuesday
  9. so far, I'm enjoying it so I think it's worth a buy. Heard from some peeps it gets even better as it goes on
  10. Right now I have: Persona 5 Strikers Hades Physical Edition Returnal NieR: Replicant Resident Evil VIII Some great titles coming plus Persona is out this Tuesday so I am super hyped
  11. 100% recommend SMG, one of my favorite games ever along with the sequel. Def the two best 3d Mario games imo. After that, Astral Chain. What's funny is I actually just started Astral Chain last night after getting the Little Nightmares 2 plat and I am enjoying it so far. So SMG then Astral Chain Also anyone else disappointed there is no English physical release of SMT 3: Nocturne or is it just me?
  12. blood vial grinding is barely needed when you can buy a bunch from the little guys shop, dont have enough blood echoes? Grind off those two guys for a bit and you'll be set, plus you get tons from enemies all around the game and dodging can actually be much beneficial than rolling was in DS
  13. Def my least fav of the three but still a decent enough game. Heavy Rain just had a much moodier-darkish feel and Detroit has Hank which is amazing by itself
  14. agreed, and apparently in all of the hunger scenes in the first game, you can actually see her shadow looming over Six watching her. So clearly the shadow acts as her good side as I said to Riszcky, Six def isn't whole as apparently in all of the hunger scenes in the first game, you can see shadow six loom over six while she is eating. Makes me think that the shadow six is the good side of her
  15. aight then