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  1. look up Food4Dogs on Youtube
  2. I don't know what guardian of re-birth is but those are all edmund mcmillen games so makes sense
  3. You're all good
  4. Mhm, that's why I am saying I want it, you might be thinking of a different thread
  5. Steins gate Elite
  6. gives me a long list yet only 1/4 of your games are below a 50% for Platinum, stop getting butthurt just cause I was telling the truth with all the stacks and easy Plats you have. Quality over quantity bruh. And I would pick another off your list but I see none. lmao you keep picking the worst games tho
  7. I would like to join the rank of gigalmaniac with Steins'Gate and Chaos;Child
  8. don't be gettin mad cause I was spittin facts, you literally have only easy trash except dark souls and shovel knight. And I have lots of VN, because they are good games unlike the mass amount of filler you have. Could have also picked any game on my list but you picked one of the worse being Heavy Rain. Should have picked Danganronpa V3. Try harder, anyways I'll take that Uncharted 4 Plat aCCzTaurin
  9. just spittin facts, I'll take that CTR Plat
  10. shitty
  11. yes, you have a lot of shitty games mostly, only ones I would pick would be dark souls or shovel knight Donut county
  12. and I am telling him to not stack and just play the english version
  13. shovel knight I guess? Not really much to work with on your list
  14. Final Fantasy IX also, great list!
  15. just get the english version and that's it