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  1. here, I'll share the playlist I used for the game. It was very helpful imo. Okay actually rewatching these videos, it really only shows certain hidden confetti so it might not be as helpful as I thought 16 Now playing Play all
  2. Yeah, just get the PS3 version. Way cheaper and the boxart is very good as you said. Game looks great even if it's on the PS3. I don't believe there was really any dlc for this game, unlike 2 You can always go back and buy the remastered edition if you feel like it.
  3. not nearly as good as the original
  4. dont forget secret of mana
  5. happens more than you think
  6. I'm reading, doesn't mean I agree with them in the slightest Nope
  7. better than nothing my guy, game is the most important part again, the game is the most important part
  8. bruh you literally are what this guy told you to not be
  9. yeah you are def going to have to watch a 100% guide for that level and don't skip the video. This happened a couple of times to me and it mega sucks
  10. as long as you enjoyed the game, which is great, it's all good wait, you did play the original I assume?
  11. took me like 15 min, if you try to 100% most of the levels you wont have to grind much
  12. Platinums I am proud to get but mostly platinums for games I really love
  13. Blame Canada
  14. well, it's true
  15. agreed! No need to be ashamed man, you have some great stuff!