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  1. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow The game had an amazing story and great gameplay with some fun boss fights. But sadly no one ever talks about it. I'm so hyped for the second one I'm at a loss for words:
  2. Yeah somethings like this poster got leaked as well but they could easily be fake. It seems to be fairly popular and i don't think they'll leave off with that cliffhanger. --- EDIT: Also, if you look at Sanzaru's Website they say they have a couple of projects. Guess we'll have to wait and see... Link: ---
  3. I can't wait, the first game was amazing.
  4. Two Worlds 2? That game sucked ass, I just barley managed to get a platinum. I will agree the magic system was great and the open world was nice but the game lacked in way to many areas. First of all was the voice acting which I though was horrible. IGN said it was a "tantamount to a warcrime". The online is mostly dead and the only people on are level 200 + spamming complex magic spells wiping out the map in seconds and turning it into a lag fest. I tried to invite my friend for a match but it never went through until i entered some long code into my system. The whole game has a huge amount of glitches, everywhere from lag while you run to crazy fall damage. My game even froze multiple times. The story in my opinion was lacking and didn't capture the RPG aspect at all. What was the point of having a high level character with great stats if the final boss was just like another FPS? I haven't tried Risen 2 or Arcania but I'll agree with you and recommend Of Orcs and Men and Kingdoms of Amular. Also try Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen.
  5. Not really I think older games (PS, PS2, PS3) will all be in the Playstation Now for next gen. An article I read states, "PlayStation Now, the new streaming game service unveiled at CES, means instant access to games from older PS devices -- and you'll also be able to access it on TVs, phones, and tablets." So they'll most likely use this than remaster some of the older games. Then it states, "The new streaming game service will provide instant access to games from previous versions of products including those for the PlayStation 3 and PS2. Even non-console owners will be able to access it on TVs, phones, tablets, promised Andrew House, group CEO for Sony Computer Entertainment. A closed beta will begin in the US at the end of January, with a full rollout this summer." Read more:
  6. Sports? Social Life? What?
  7. Lego Star Wars lll: The Clone Wars The Chosen One Collect all Trophies.
  8. Grinds, collectibles, multiple playthroughs, online trophies, missables and dlc (because I'm cheap like that)...
  9. I just noticed I won. Thanks a lot and congrats to everyone else!
  10. I just noticed I was a lifetime premium after looking around a little, it seems I won a contest I had entered. Big thanks to HARD_ANGEL_FAN!

    1. Kirbz


      lol you just noticed? Congrats either way!

    2. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Lol, congratulations!

  11. Stop please... Just stop... That meme needs to die, horribly. As for plats: Look below.
  12. Everybody Loves Raymond
  13. Well I was sick today so i spent the whole day in bed with my phone and watched: 1. Sword Art Online Extra Edition (Waste of time) 2. Caught up on Naruto 3. Caught up on One Piece 4. Finished up Slam Dunk 5. Began Kuroko's Basketball 6. Watched some Gin tama for laughs
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  15. I have seen polls covering things from hacking to turbo controllers and glitching but never this. Would using the in-game cheats classify me as a cheater? I was reading the trophy guide on and it seemed that a grand majority of the trophies could easily be unlocked with cheats. Its tempting and seems like it would make gameplay interesting having all the characters, but I was worried I would be flagged. Does anyone know if you can get flagged for this?