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  1. This is the first playstation console I will not be able to get on Day 1. It kinda sucks, but I'll get one when they become readily available and can walk in a store and walk out with one.
  2. Sadly I wasn't able to get one, First one at launch I wasn't able to get. I just got the Coil trophy yesterday so that leaves the grinding one left. I got all my starting classes to 50 on Friday so I'm concentrating on msq now.
  3. I came back too this hard recently. Started this last year lol. I am down to 4 trophies needed for plat. Coil, Fates, Leves, Hests. Guild Hests I expect will be my next trophy followed by Coil. I have been doing this off and on for a year but want to plat this game.
  4. Answered so many questions for me regarding this. I haven't played this game in a really long time and just now wanted to get back into it.
  5. Well I would show you my work in process but the pic won't post for some reason!!
  6. Thank you very much. I wasn't sure if there was going to be an issue.
  7. So I am the choice of choosing either the mages or templars. My question is how do u get all the companions if the last 2 are tied to either factions? Assist would be appreciated before I choose which path to take.
  8. is this still strong? Been playing for 4 months and slowly getting the crystals!
  9. The Two rarest Games I have is Disney's Up and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I have a bunch of old lego games but not sure how rare they are!
  10. I know this is a old post, but I have been trying to get challenge 6 done for months. Ive also seen the videos, and looked at the guides, and still can't get this done. No way this is easier than the first game challenge.
  11. It looks like my Astro Gaming PS4 pro controller. I like the white look. Guess I’m gonna wait till I can get in my hands.
  12. apparently I was missing a weapon upgrade. One overlooked item out of 200+ items. Crazy.
  13. I'm going through it again. lol. Hopefully i can get this done tonight
  14. This is effed up, same thing im getting from the little robot. Ive spent 8 hours today getting everything from a list, printed, and marked off. my question is once u upgrade a item do you have to get it again and have it in the inventory? All this stuff for one trophy is starting to hurt my eyes. lol
  15. I played this on an old account when the servers were still open. Met a lot of good people online that I am friends with too this day. I want to play it again for nostalgia purposes. I’m sure it won’t be the same but plan to play this again at some point.