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  1. Is it too late too join this, I have completed Lost Song. I plan to do them all eventually.
  2. Ok so I dont have to do the loyalty missions right on this run?
  3. If you already got the survive the last mission on another play through do you have to survive for the insanity trophy to pop?
  4. Nioh def gotta try, i'll add outlast 2 but wont get too that till later.
  5. I’ve had success in playing it in spurts. I try for a bit then put it down for a while. I have that and then I have to figure out the dance stuff to get towards my completion. The story is amazing. i do have Kiwami and kiwami 2 but refuse to play them till I get to the point that I can’t get any further. I’m hoping I can plat it but if I can’t than oh well. Lol
  6. Im gonna say 92.
  7. considering that I'm still working on completion of Yakooza 0 (Mahjong is the devil) it seems as hard as that one is!! Good news is I got lots of games before I get to this too still complete!! LOL
  8. Im planning on picking this up for the nostalgia. I remember playing these games when I was a kid. My daughter is 8 and it will be awesome for her to get her chance to play with me! I like trophies, but certain games I just play for the sake of it.
  9. I guess my copy of 76 will forever collect dust. In no rush to start it. Now I can use the disc as a cup coaster and put the case as a spare!
  10. That worked like a charm.
  11. So I just did the psn name change and was wondering what will happen to my account?
  12. I just hope its not another sports title.
  13. I have 2 things I would love too see. I would love to see a sister site with xbox achievements just like this one. the ones for xbox is horribly done compared to the craftsmanship of this site I would like to see an App on smart devices that link with the forums and profiles. Other than that this site is perfect😀
  14. im gonna try it out on xbox since its free to play there before I get it for here just to check it out.
  15. If they can remaster this, then they can remaster Zenosaga and white knight chronicles.