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  1. Is there a certain way to do this. I have tried for 2 days straight to get this done and haven't been able to get the cards to pop up to even make a royal flush! Any tips would be appreciative.
  2. So I’ve gotten to King in world tour mode! What I’m wondering do u have to win this match for him to show up in arcade mode?
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I have all of those sword games you mentioned. Figured I would play this one while I am trying to finish up tales of cold steal 2 legendary mode. Needed a change for a bit but this game just got me so confused. I guess once I figure out how to actually get going and what to do Ill be fine. It is def different than lost song though.
  4. well I had no clue there was another exit.. yep this is going to be a long journey!!! lol.
  5. Well I haven't been able to figure out once u get past the first set of cut scenes where u are sopped to go. open the envelope to go and help someone level up and when I go to the gate it takes me to hallow. Died there. so delete and start over because u can't die in this game from what I read. Rinse and repeat. no clue what to do but I've become a master at the tutorial quest though!!!
  6. Ive tried to get into this game for 2 days now. I can't find a decent guide or how to go about starting this. The one guide I did find was on the original game and it isn't matching up. Was hoping this was like Lost Song but its nothing like it. Have no clue what to do in this. Anybody else have these issues with the learning curve? Should have never started this game.
  7. I finally got the plat. I ended just grinding the chests out while watching Dragonball z. Did the hardest playthrough on Christmas Eve. I am glad its over, and happy I got the plat!
  8. No it did it too me too. when I restarted the checkpoint the raft was full health but when it finished i failed it by saying the raft was less then 50 percent. So still trying to figure it out. I haven't run into too many glitches yet either. I play it when I am on lunch on my vita.
  9. So far I’ve gotten sequence 7 and the only one I’ve missed is the raft part. I can’t keep the raft above 50%. Tried for days. Finally just gave up and continue on.
  10. well I have to figure out how to shave off 50 seconds. prob not gonna be able to do this.
  11. I am the most unlucky person here, lol. I am on play through 4 with only 4 diamonds so far. Diamond knack is the only persona knack I need. I thought that if you started a new play through on a different difficulty you loose all your stuff. Am I wrong on this!!
  12. this is absolutely insane. How are you guys getting these times?? Im like at 7:45 and I don't see how to even get them down enough to get this trophy.
  13. Im horrible at this.
  14. I still got mine to play the beginning on some of the trilogy games from beginning. I have that collection set for ps3 and it’s really good set. I have a ton of old school games that I still need to start lol.
  15. I want to say I saw someone claiming a weird noise on his ps5 on YouTube. He said he heard a hum from the machine. Played it for a couple of hours and it got louder as it was playing. It aventually turned itself off and wouldn't come back on. He called Sony and unfortunately he was saying that he has to send it in as defective. Not sure if that is what you are experiencing. I am currently waiting on mine to be delivered (Nov 23 is estimated date) so fingers crossed I don't have any issues.