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  1. sadly, yes. I saw a lot of people getting banned even though their trophy list is normal. don't know who is doing this but its probably someone jealous enough to mass report people.
  2. M7AREP_KSA Dante's Inferno I believe the trophy is Like father, Like son.<br /> and this trophy is glitched as mentioned in<br /> <br /> this gives a clear explanation on how to miss this trophy as quoted from *SPOILERS*: Story related but can be MISSED and is GLITCHED<br /> <br /> Kill your father, keep spamming the Cross attacks with and you're good to go (when you're playing on easy ). Watch the video below for help.<br /> <br /> Warning: There is a glitch where you can fall through the level at the wheel and miss this boss fight. <br /> <br /> Is this the trophy mentioned? as I don't know how to check which trophy is listed as cheating or not. Devil May Cry 5 the game is done in 2 weeks not 6 hours, if he/she is talking about a certain trophy I can't see it.<br /> Besides you can check my trophy list it is completely normal this report does not make any sense at all.<br /> if you are talking about the gap between Hell And Hell trophy and Human trophy you do know that you can stop at a certain point in the game and continue other difficulties right? <br /> I'm really disappointed in whoever accepted this report and hopefully it'll not be accepted as cheating as I've put many hours trying to get the plat and this is what I get in return for trying.