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  1. New arrival 



    Most expensive pad in history, @Infected Elite 🤣.


    Those cards one get from the Iffy store are kind of pretty too! 


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    2. XchocomanX


      @zizimonster Late reply but the answer would be no.

    3. zizimonster



      Hmm... that explains the separate PS4, PS5 listings of the game on PSN.

    4. zizimonster



      P.S. There's actually a DX version which bundles PS4, PS5 versions.

  2. New arrival




    Man, I really like that artwork.


  3. Making the real question. I wanna know this too.
  4. #135 Batman: The Enemy Within


    Man, this one along with the other Batman by Telltale are actually pretty good. I loved how my choices actually mattered. Felt like going through Detroit again haha. 

  5. #134 Wreckfest

    Time: 23:59 hours


    Second game off of Ps extra. The game's alright. Nothing to write home about.  Loved the destruction though, seeing the cars slow, but surely destruction was a blast.

  6. Obviously I hate Bandai Namco 😂 Whole game list:
  7. New arrivals:


    Arrived before Black Friday:






    My masquerade edition came with those two corners damaged. Fuck Gamestop for that.

    Vanquish? Hell yeah, baby!


    I'll start Bayo next year when the new one comes out.


    Black Friday haul:






    How many times can someone play Nier? Yes.

    Heard Kena was kinda fun and somewhat challenging. Let's go!

     Steelbook edition Sifu? Yes, please!



    Arrived shortly after black Friday (they were pre-orders but whatever lol). Not pictured is a poster that also came:



    Can we talk about how pretty AmiAmi's "thank you" cards are? lol




    2022's final arrival: Feel free to shame me on this one lol



    Quite possibly and literally my biggest L. 



    At least the figure doesn't feel like cheap shit.....or that may be my sunk cost fallacy talking dunno lol



    My wallet took a DEEP blow this December. Fun times, right? 😂

  8. My special edition copy arrived a few days ago. Hopefully, it sells well enough so they port more.
  9. Hopefully, this one sells well enough so we can get more stuff form type moon with English.
  10. Has anyone around here played Hired Gun or Evil West, yet? I'd like to "hear" some impressions.

    1. Redgrave


      I have started Evil West with a friend and it's pretty fun. I think the best way I could describe it is it kind of feels like a game that came from the mid to late-PS3 era where it's a linear game with a combat system that's simple but you're given a lot of options on how to deal with enemies so there's some variety to it. I don't know if it was intentional but it feels like a nice callback to the more simple games from then. I have seen the game labeled as "dated" presumably because of that but I feel like it's more of a compliment than anything.


      So yeah, if you want something that kind of feels like that then I recommend it. Plus like I said I am playing it with a friend so there is co-op. The only downside is the host gets their progress saved so the second player will get less trophies on a first playthrough and if I understand it correctly the second player, should they join again, will have appropriate upgrades unlocked that the game selects for them. It also means you would have to do four playthroughs for the difficulty trophies.

    2. XchocomanX
    3. Lonemankane


      Hired gun as in neromunda hired gun the one set in warhammer 40k world as a bounty hunter?


      The game is very poor it is like a poor mans take on doom eternal with how it is. it has a lot of weapons that all feel the same and a lot that is meant to be more powerful but does not have that impact or strong sounding sound when you hit things and so on. it feels like your hitting things with a pea shooter. If you want my thoughts I would rather say go for Hard Reset or even Oddworld Stranger's Wrath as them games are far better than that game and from what I am told same goes for Evil West as well.

  11. Decided to ignore the red flags and all common sense and pre-ordered Callisto Protocol's collectors edition.


    Be ready for the most obnoxious dual language whine if the game ends up being caca and/or insanely broken at launch.


    Fingers crossed, I guess.

  12. Against my usual common sense, even after that major red flag (hiding things behind a season pass is VERY "sus") I went ahead and pre-ordered the collector's edition. To say that my entire body shivered right after I hit the "place order" button is an understatement. I'm scared.
  13. Wasn't there a trophy for dying in every gruesome way possible? Or did I imagine reading that somewhere? Anyways, a difficulty-specific trophy.....oh boy...
  14. I’m gonna regret ordering the collectors edition, aren’t I?