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  1. [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Took forever but i'm finally done with the online portion.

  2. [Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered] Finally finished "Seacrest Tour". The trophy popped 20 minutes ago when I got wrecked lol

  3. [NFS: Hot Pursuit Remastered] After 343435454 retries I was finally able to clear "Blast From The Past" gauntlet event. Jeez 

  4. I'll play Mass Effect 3 again 😆


  5. 100% + plat 99 Mass Effect legendary edition + ME3.


    I remember the first time I played ME2. So good. Probably the first time I engaged with any DLC. The game was so good, that I almost got a 360 to play the first one. Luckily, someone at EA/Bioware decided to release a trilogy pack, which is what i bought. The magic, and the stench were together.


    It was fun to go through 1 and 2 again. I was on the fence at buying it on release. Given what's on the package, my doubts were justified. Still, it was kinda fun replaying ME1 -2 with a coat of paint, that at times, it wasn't very good.


    At least now ME1 is somewhat more "bearable". I kind of like Mako's turbo lol.


    ME2's finale continues to be super good.


    ME3 continues to be the hot garbage it always was. And always will be. I kept asking myself why I was on the fence of buying the Legendary Edition while doing the sucide mission. Not even 5 minutes into the 3rd game and it was apparent why. The game is/was so bad that my brain literally forgot everything about it, even those delicious biotic/tech explosions lol.


    TL;DR I'd replay 1 and 2 again at some point. ME3 is a disgrace. No amount of tech/biotic explosions can save it.

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    2. SnowxSakura


      If only ME2 had the gameplay improvements of ME3 it would be the perfect game

    3. XchocomanX


      @SnowxSakura I knooow 😭

    4. MossyOakRcn42



  6. [Mass Effect 3 LE] Finally on Earth. Sword fleet didn't get utterly destroyed. Yay! 

  7. [Mass Effect 3 LE] Got the Sky High trophy while raiding an insidious lab.

    'Bout goddamn time!

  8. [Mass Effect 3 LE] Master and Commander popped right after Rannoch. Currently sitting at 7352 Military Strength.

  9. [Mass Effect 3 LE] Just did a sidequest I never did before regarding my boy Conrad Verner.

  10. [Mass Effect 3 LE] Stopped a crazy coup attempt. Ain't nobody gonna disturb my galaxy wide democracy lol.

  11. [Mass Effect 3 LE] A thousand year old disease has been cured at the cost of no seashell investigation :/

  12. Wanna have some fun with Mass Effect 3 LE?

    Go to the Citaldel > Embassies floor > position Shepard behind Avina > pause the game and enter photo mode > go down one floor with the mode.


  13. [Mass Effect LE] Rocky stripdancing club back online!


    Forgot how long that DLC was lol

  14. [Mass Effect 3 LE] Started a galaxy-wide bug hunt that ended with a water balloon fight.

    Not too shabby.

  15. [Mass Effect 3 LE] The Harvester death animation is glorious <3