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  1. [Tales Of Berseria] Happy to report that izen and Velvet al their titles on level 2+!


    2 down, 4 more to go!

  2. [Tales Of Berseria] 100 hours in! That’s a bunch of hours lol.

    Geografical location: Crustacean Quarter (Class 4 Admin Zone 3) 

    Party level: 60

    Expedition level: 23

    Velvet’s Cooking level :25

    Laphicet’s Cooking level: 15


    Velvet’s titles on level 2: 21/23

    The ones left: Equipment mastered 48/50

    Augmented Attacker: 15/30


    Laphicet’s titles on level 2: 19/23

    The ones left: Paper Enchanter 1250/2500

    Superboy: 38/50

    Master Of Arms: 49/50

    Magnified Magician 12/30 


    Rokurou’s titles on level 2: 17/23

    The ones left: True Rokurou 124/150

    Smashing Fellow 2467/2500

    Master Of Arms 49/50

    Strengthened Samurai 14/30
    Master Smith 3/6

    Element Hunter 180/240


    Eleanor’s titles on level 2: 17/23

    The ones left: Smashing beauty 1547/2500

    Mistress of arms 46/50

    Heightened Halberdier 12/30

    Seasoned herbalist 69/80

    Chatterista 231/250

    Still greyed out: Super Lady 2/10


    Magilou’s titles on level 2: 18/23

    The ones left: Smashing Fox 2234/2500

    Weakness Hunter: 270/500

    Mistress Of Arms 48/50

    Intensified Illusionist: 13/30

    Still greyed out: High-end Seller 748/1000 gald.


    Eizen’s titles on level 2: 21/23

    The ones left: Super Outlaw 31/50

    Boosted Boxer: 13/30

    Big progress. There’s still a few easy ones to do that I sort of forgot lol. The good news is that everyone’s done with their 40-hit combo and their Mystic artes. Big relief on that. 

    Magilou was a little harder than the others, but still doable. For whoever is about to embark into the game or is having issues with her, follow the this formula:


    Twin Spirits > Atmos Glaive > Gravity Mine > Gravity Mine > R2 > Gravity Mine > Gravity Mine > Atmos Glaive > Atmos Glaive > L2 (Good Grip) 


    Don’t forget to equip her with stuff that has “1.1x BG gained from Break Soul” as a skill or random skill. You’ll need that to be able to hit those 40 hits. 

    The game just unlocked the chance to upgrade my equipment past level 3. About time, I’d say! Time to upgrade! Woot! 

    Really digging the story. The interactions during the skits are super hilarious. I’m having a blast with the game.  

  3. [Tales Of Berseria] All party members made it to level 60. I can finally leave the damn beach and move on with the story lol.

    Side note: I love the little dance Magilou does during her Good Grip mystic art lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. XchocomanX


      Bienfu is kind of funny too...in his own twisted way lol


      Still need to get Arise. Judging by word of mouth the game looks like a good purchase! I also like the box art <3

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      the NA box art is worse imo. I dont like it. lol. Japan box art is wicked though. 

      I really should get back into it. Stopped to play Back 4 Blood which i just beat. But now my options are Arise, Judgment, Lost Judgment, Far Cry 6, Welfare Smash Bros LOL

    4. XchocomanX


      Smash Bros is forever and endless lol.


      Jap's box arts are always cool af 😭

  4. OP, the only solution I can provide is to either get a Switch or a PC. Not the best solution, but it's something.
  5. Bro, this interview! Woah!


  6. OP better listen to this marvelous person of culture. Prey is excellent.
  7. Say, if I'm playing that game (I'm currently on Chapter 5), should I hold off for this one instead? Also, is just the first one, right? There are two on the PSP, that's why I'm asking.
  8. Is this the first one that's on the PSP?
  9. [Tales Of Berseria] The game finally unlocked the use of the magical item called "Black bottle".

    Love it, I'm getting 1k per battle with boatloads of grade + a bigger chance of dire foes showing up.

    On my latests battle got 265.30 grade points. Bunch of enemies +dire foes. I ain't moving from this beach for a while lol

  10. [Tales Of Berseria] Enemy mobs are catching up fast! Currently at Maclir Beach, and oh boy! Enemy mobs show up around their 30s and 48 for dangerous encounters.

    Guess I'll grind 'till mid 50s here lol

  11. [Tales Of Berseria] Combo artist with Velvet has upgraded to level 2! Yahoo! 

    1. Chirithy


      Congratulations for this Milestone!

    2. XchocomanX


      Thanks ☺️

    3. Chirithy


      you are welcome! and now i am a follower ^^

  12. Had a fun shift today. Gonna play some Berseria and then hit that delicious bed lol

  13. [Tales Of Berseria]

    50 hours in!

    With Eleanor I have a full party of misfits now, yahoo!


    Expedition level 13. 


    Party Level 40 (Velvet is at 40 while everyone else is 39)


    Velvet's titles on level 2: 17

    Title still greyed out: Combo artist 3/5 (How do you even do this!?)


    Laphicet/Number two's titles on level 2: 7
    Still greyed out 2: Paper Enchanter 10/250 (Guess the AI doesn't actually use malak artes much?)

    Combo Artist: 1/10 (Seriously, how do you do this one?)


    Rokurou's titles on level 2: 6


    Magilou's titles on level 2: 5

    Still greyed out: Hidden artes used 178/250

    Mystic Artes Used 12/30

    High-end Seller value 272/1000


    Eizen's titles on level 2: 11

    Still greyed out: Combo artist 1/10 (Just how does one do this!?)


    I love how Eleanor's titles act as an overall progress checker. You have herbs, and new treasure discovered and also the amount of skits viewed so far. Which is pretty handy haha.


    One thing that's really bothering me is the combo kills. I don't even know how I got he ones I have, and the AI doesn't seem to trigger them 😭.


    I like the game so far tho. The combat is crazy fun, the story so far es good, the background music is good as well. 


    I also like how enemies get raised to your level or above for dangerous encounters. 


    I've somewhat abused the dire foe system. Ain't nobody gonna miss that exp/grade boost lol. The first time I was scared now I'm like "get here you lvl 70 SOB! Let me teach you a lesson or two" lol.


    Isn't Magilou funny?


    (I'm actually writing all this while waiting on an expedition lol)


    If for some reason you're STILL reading this, and played this game, send help for combo artist, seriously 😭


    Anyway, I got a new character. That means 2-4 days of glorious grinding lol

  14. So it looks like I gonna need to get extra controllers for Tales Of Berseria's titles.

    Damn :/ 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Since you’re gonna throw yours into the wall?

    2. XchocomanX


      Lmao this ain't Dark Souls!