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  1. [Tales Of Vesperia] Secret Mission 5 completed! Yet another hard one D:

  2. [Tales of Vesperia] Secret mission 4 completed! That was a hard one! Also 65 hits! Shit, so close yet so far from the 100 hits D:

  3. [Tales of Vesperia] That Patty character is hilarious xD

  4. [Tales Of Vesperia] 3rd secret mission achieved! That boss was hard D:

  5. [Tales of Vesperia] Secret mission 2 completed, baby! 

  6. [Tales Of Vesperia] 20 hours in. Level 30 party is a slightly happier party. The next boss is gonna get rekt, booiii!

  7. [Tales Of Vesperia] Second boss defeated! Easy peasy ;)

  8. [Tales Of Vesperia] A level 20 3 men party is a happy party.


    Off to Deidon Hold! 

  9. [Tales Of Vesperia] 1000 monsters killed! Boiiiii!

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    2. XchocomanX



    3. Hemiak


      Who actually buries monsters? 

    4. XchocomanX
  10. [Tales Of Vesperia] Repede has joined the party. 3 man party, baby! 

  11. [Tales Of Vesperia] First boss defeated and 1st secret mission completed! YEEEEHAW! 

  12. [Xblaze Lost Memories] The game is about to end and I still don't have Too #40 D:

  13. [Xblaze Code Embryo] Mei's ending is full of sugar overdose xD

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @TheVader66 Boring, way too slow and exactly what XchocomanX said, the main character is unbearably annoying.


      Gag route was the best part. 

      Oh and by the way, stay from Lost Memories, that is what Embryo did wrong multiplied.

    3. TheVader66


      Okay I will take your word and @XchocomanX word for the game. Shame, I seen it cheap for at least 14 dollars last time I saw it. I am guessing Blazblue sucks at doing Visual Novels.

    4. XchocomanX


      I can confirm what @Satoshi Ookami said about Lost Memories. Sure, the final Batlle act was cool and all, but it was unbereably slow and painful to get there.