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  1. Plat #106 Magilou's Menagerie aka Tales Of Berseria!

    Time: 210:05:30


    Pretty cool game, loved the character banter, those interactions were hilarious at times. And surprisingly full of character development as well.


    This is a revenge story, and, as such, you'll destroy everything and everyone.The destruction of the status quo and everyone in the middle was....well...inevitable,

    Can you imagine a game/book/movie/show with a premise of revenge only for the main character to stop at the end for whatever reason and don't kill the person they spent all the story blabbing about? Would it be mocked or would it be praised to hell and back?

    It would be mocked, right? RIGHT!?


    Gameplay is phenomenal. You are in control of a group of misfits, and all of them are awesome to control:

    Velvet is god mode.

    Rokurou feels like playing Sekiro lol

    Eizen kicks stuff with his fists
    Eleanor...well...kicks stuff
    Magilou cracks a joke at every spellcaster

    Laphi + Insubstantiality = dead fam.


    Loved how, even though all characters had a different playstyle, they completed everyone else on the battlefield. Kudos to Magilou and her Spell Absolver for being awesome.


    I also loved how the terrain transitioned from exploration to battle. If you had a rock near you before the battle, that same rock is going to be part of the battlefield. It's crazy and fun too lol.


    My only real gripe with the game was the battle camera. I will never understand what was so about Xilia 2's combat that they felt they had to change it.


    Could be worse tho. Can you imagine a combat camera so bad that's nearly impossible to actually see the enemies? Or a camera that gets stuck everywhere!?


    I'd also like to talk about the gear/equipment system. Enhancing equipment isso easy. I started doing it from the start, even tho it opens in phases. Can you imagine an equipment system in which you need 68 master degrees on science to barely understand it?


    I can add Velvet to ever growing list of "bad ass fem chars" she's cool like that.


    It's a shame there's not a second game in this universe. Imagine playing a good up to this story/world? Perhaps from the other side aka the good guys? That'd be cool. Buuut they moved on with Arise, apparently so...yeah. 


    Trophy-wise it's not really hard or anything....just kind of grindy. The only real annoyance is that trophy for reaching level 200. Everything else comes naturally. Sure, you need to find 855 items, but this ain't S04 with 0,000000001% enemy drop rates.I never found the Dragon Slayer tho, kind of sad.


    TL:DR Nice game. Grindy-but-not too grindy trophy list. Would recommend to everyone especially to whoever played Arise as their first game of the series.