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  1. #117 Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Time: 462:53 hours 

    Difficulty: OVER 9000!


    I have a strong love/hate relationship with this game.

    On on side, you have this amazing game, which easy to play, yet difficult to master .With a not-so-bad single player campaign and enough offline modes to enjoy, if that's what one cares about. With a plethora of online modes, so one jumps in and attempt to destroy (or BE destroyed lol)  the opposition.


    With chars we know and love already. With incredible art style and flow of combat. and, of course, delicious sound bits.


    On the other hand, we have the namco banda overlords selling a goddamn "ULTIMATE EDITION" FOR $100. You'd think it comes with everything 'cause the word "ULTIMATE" and the goddamn price. BUT NO, you STILL have to shell out $$$ for additional chars, and one of them, being the main antagonist of the story was added as I was playing the game, like WTF? It pissed me off everytime I saw the character selection screen with all the grey chars.


    Thankfully I got the game for $9.99 on a sale 2 months ago. But I feel really bad knowing that people actually paid for that edition THINKING they would have everything. Wow.


    Modern gaming, I guess.

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      Burnout: Paradise City also had ultimate edition (ps3) that didn't include everything. I never finished it because of it. I would probably not plat it either if friend didn't see i'm one trophy  away... or maybe there were two trophies for camera. He e brought me camera same day so i can unlock plat.