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    1. SKiL_Clash


      Was indeed, a good movie

  2. Ended Up buying the Japanese physical version of Tales Of Arise. I like the cover art a little better on that version lol.



    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      could have just printed the art work on that same glossy paper. lol.... for maybe 30 cents

    2. XchocomanX



      Headpalms himself into Saturn.

  3. The base game is utter garbage. No other game has made my ps4 froze so often as this one. Slowdowns, framerate issues, buggy af trophies, you name it and this game probably has it. The base game crafting system is caca. The story/setting is fun. The gameplay loop ain't, which is heartbreaking. The DLCs are the only good thing about the package. "They came from below" is ultra hilarious. If only the BASE package was as good tho.
  4. Lmao you jinxed it. Lego will be for me. I recently got the physical edition of Mortal Shell.
  5. Got the following two games:

    13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim $19,99 (Physical. It was on sale at Best Buy)

    Jump Force: Ultimate Edition $9.99 (Digital. It's currently on sale on Psn)


    Finally found Aegis at a decent price. Dunno what is going with that game. The physical version skyrocketed in price for some reason.

    At hat price, I can't say no to Jump Force.It might be caca but totally worth it at that price tag lol.If you're reading this and know someone who has the game, send 'em my way to knock those online trophies before they kill the service.

    1. MarcusPunisher


      Aegis Rim is one of those overlooked gems from last year and the story is very unique from other games. It will get confusing based on how the story is told at first, but it all comes together at the end. 

    2. NERVergoproxy


      After starting Jump Force I realized Ultimate Edition still missing Season pass 2 ><

      but S2 is on sale atm too, for 5$~ for 5 more extra characters. A little annoyed, but it is what it is, Might get it too since it has one me fave ladies Yoruichi Shihouin.

      From a trophy hunting stand point I guess its not necessary though.

    3. XchocomanX


      @NERVergoproxy I'd be mad. But $5 extra ain't that bad.

      The business model is baffling. Not surprising, mind you lol

  6. I love you. Thanks for the list!
  7. Plat #107 Just Monik'as Literature Club!....Eeer...Doki Doki Literature Club, yeah.

    Quite possibly one the best visual novel games I've ever had the pleasure to go through. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" definitely applies to this one haha.

    Did you know Amy likes spiders? Gross, right!?

    My only "gripe" is that I never got to see the festival. Oh well lol.


    I'd like to point out that I pre-ordered the physical edition. That's a new experience for me. Never ordered a game before, it was delivered fast to me. The physical ps4 version came with a bunch of goodies and a code to download the music. Said goodies are as meta as the game itself. Pretty cool.


    The Switch physical is prettier tho.....I should've gone for that one instead but whatever lol. 

    Just Monika.

  8. Plat #106 Magilou's Menagerie aka Tales Of Berseria!

    Time: 210:05:30


    Pretty cool game, loved the character banter, those interactions were hilarious at times. And surprisingly full of character development as well.


    This is a revenge story, and, as such, you'll destroy everything and everyone.The destruction of the status quo and everyone in the middle was....well...inevitable,

    Can you imagine a game/book/movie/show with a premise of revenge only for the main character to stop at the end for whatever reason and don't kill the person they spent all the story blabbing about? Would it be mocked or would it be praised to hell and back?

    It would be mocked, right? RIGHT!?


    Gameplay is phenomenal. You are in control of a group of misfits, and all of them are awesome to control:

    Velvet is god mode.

    Rokurou feels like playing Sekiro lol

    Eizen kicks stuff with his fists
    Eleanor...well...kicks stuff
    Magilou cracks a joke at every spellcaster

    Laphi + Insubstantiality = dead fam.


    Loved how, even though all characters had a different playstyle, they completed everyone else on the battlefield. Kudos to Magilou and her Spell Absolver for being awesome.


    I also loved how the terrain transitioned from exploration to battle. If you had a rock near you before the battle, that same rock is going to be part of the battlefield. It's crazy and fun too lol.


    My only real gripe with the game was the battle camera. I will never understand what was so about Xilia 2's combat that they felt they had to change it.


    Could be worse tho. Can you imagine a combat camera so bad that's nearly impossible to actually see the enemies? Or a camera that gets stuck everywhere!?


    I'd also like to talk about the gear/equipment system. Enhancing equipment isso easy. I started doing it from the start, even tho it opens in phases. Can you imagine an equipment system in which you need 68 master degrees on science to barely understand it?


    I can add Velvet to ever growing list of "bad ass fem chars" she's cool like that.


    It's a shame there's not a second game in this universe. Imagine playing a good up to this story/world? Perhaps from the other side aka the good guys? That'd be cool. Buuut they moved on with Arise, apparently so...yeah. 


    Trophy-wise it's not really hard or anything....just kind of grindy. The only real annoyance is that trophy for reaching level 200. Everything else comes naturally. Sure, you need to find 855 items, but this ain't S04 with 0,000000001% enemy drop rates.I never found the Dragon Slayer tho, kind of sad.


    TL:DR Nice game. Grindy-but-not too grindy trophy list. Would recommend to everyone especially to whoever played Arise as their first game of the series.




  9. 50 levels away from Berseria's plat <3

  10. The Last Hope was awful enough to never ever play anything from the saga ever again.
  11. [Tales Of Berseria] 176.845/200.000 tale coins.


    I'm so close I can smell it lol.

  12. [Tales of Berseria] Yay! 100 hits! Finally!

  13. [Tales Of Berseria] Ah, Katz Korner. So cool lol

  14. I'm going through the game right now. You need lots of focus on your controlled character to actually stun the dummy. EDIT: You can between 1200-3000 per play session by playing Champballoon level 5. You can find this mini-game on Taliesin. Use Laphicet and spam "Insubstability". You'll beat the par time every time...just don't be too good at it lol
  15. [Tales Of Berseria] Normin Island is my type of place lol

  16. [Tales Of Berseria] Happy to report that "A Solid B" is mine now. Now to finish this crazy story!

  17. [Tales Of Berseria] Happy to report that izen and Velvet al their titles on level 2+!


    2 down, 4 more to go!

  18. [Tales Of Berseria] 100 hours in! That’s a bunch of hours lol.

    Geografical location: Crustacean Quarter (Class 4 Admin Zone 3) 

    Party level: 60

    Expedition level: 23

    Velvet’s Cooking level :25

    Laphicet’s Cooking level: 15


    Velvet’s titles on level 2: 21/23

    The ones left: Equipment mastered 48/50

    Augmented Attacker: 15/30


    Laphicet’s titles on level 2: 19/23

    The ones left: Paper Enchanter 1250/2500

    Superboy: 38/50

    Master Of Arms: 49/50

    Magnified Magician 12/30 


    Rokurou’s titles on level 2: 17/23

    The ones left: True Rokurou 124/150

    Smashing Fellow 2467/2500

    Master Of Arms 49/50

    Strengthened Samurai 14/30
    Master Smith 3/6

    Element Hunter 180/240


    Eleanor’s titles on level 2: 17/23

    The ones left: Smashing beauty 1547/2500

    Mistress of arms 46/50

    Heightened Halberdier 12/30

    Seasoned herbalist 69/80

    Chatterista 231/250

    Still greyed out: Super Lady 2/10


    Magilou’s titles on level 2: 18/23

    The ones left: Smashing Fox 2234/2500

    Weakness Hunter: 270/500

    Mistress Of Arms 48/50

    Intensified Illusionist: 13/30

    Still greyed out: High-end Seller 748/1000 gald.


    Eizen’s titles on level 2: 21/23

    The ones left: Super Outlaw 31/50

    Boosted Boxer: 13/30

    Big progress. There’s still a few easy ones to do that I sort of forgot lol. The good news is that everyone’s done with their 40-hit combo and their Mystic artes. Big relief on that. 

    Magilou was a little harder than the others, but still doable. For whoever is about to embark into the game or is having issues with her, follow the this formula:


    Twin Spirits > Atmos Glaive > Gravity Mine > Gravity Mine > R2 > Gravity Mine > Gravity Mine > Atmos Glaive > Atmos Glaive > L2 (Good Grip) 


    Don’t forget to equip her with stuff that has “1.1x BG gained from Break Soul” as a skill or random skill. You’ll need that to be able to hit those 40 hits. 

    The game just unlocked the chance to upgrade my equipment past level 3. About time, I’d say! Time to upgrade! Woot! 

    Really digging the story. The interactions during the skits are super hilarious. I’m having a blast with the game.  

  19. [Tales Of Berseria] All party members made it to level 60. I can finally leave the damn beach and move on with the story lol.

    Side note: I love the little dance Magilou does during her Good Grip mystic art lol

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    2. XchocomanX


      Bienfu is kind of funny too...in his own twisted way lol


      Still need to get Arise. Judging by word of mouth the game looks like a good purchase! I also like the box art <3

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      the NA box art is worse imo. I dont like it. lol. Japan box art is wicked though. 

      I really should get back into it. Stopped to play Back 4 Blood which i just beat. But now my options are Arise, Judgment, Lost Judgment, Far Cry 6, Welfare Smash Bros LOL

    4. XchocomanX


      Smash Bros is forever and endless lol.


      Jap's box arts are always cool af 😭

  20. OP, the only solution I can provide is to either get a Switch or a PC. Not the best solution, but it's something.
  21. Bro, this interview! Woah!


  22. OP better listen to this marvelous person of culture. Prey is excellent.
  23. Say, if I'm playing that game (I'm currently on Chapter 5), should I hold off for this one instead? Also, is just the first one, right? There are two on the PSP, that's why I'm asking.
  24. Is this the first one that's on the PSP?
  25. [Tales Of Berseria] The game finally unlocked the use of the magical item called "Black bottle".

    Love it, I'm getting 1k per battle with boatloads of grade + a bigger chance of dire foes showing up.

    On my latests battle got 265.30 grade points. Bunch of enemies +dire foes. I ain't moving from this beach for a while lol