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  1. Got my platinum last night. I wanna thank everyone that has helped searching and finding the correct things and dialogue throughout the whole game, I'm sure i wouldn't have found it all by myself because it looked complex and difficult and I'm not the smartest actually haha. Anyhow, anyone that still wanna go for the plat can now do it! @kittcoldfire Has made awesome videos to guide you to your ultimate victory and to get that platinum in hands! I just wanna say in short that this game was actually pretty interesting, even though we ran into some bugs or glitches, the developers were on it immediately, although it took a while ofcourse to push the patches out I'm glad we waited until it was done, anyhow it was an amazing experience to go through and everyone goodluck on getting the platinum!
  2. I'm still laughing that this garbage actually got an DLC 😂, this is the first time I've seen an shovelware game getting an DLC, and I'm serious. God I'm glad that i stopped doing shovelware games because holy shit. You are trolling, right? I wonder if you had a stroke yet from all the stroke shovels.
  3. DLC

    This game actually got an DLC? You have to be kidding me, this is like the most easiest game on the platform. 😂
  4. Congrats on being the first person to get the platinum for the game!
  5. UPDATE: Patch just went live yesterday for consoles (PS5 & Xbox Series X/S) You should now able to get all the trophies for the game.
  6. BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! ITS COMING! P.S. It seems like an doable plat, looking forward to the game, no difficulty ones (im glad tbh)
  7. Looks like then that we are gonna need to wait until a patch comes out for those both trophies, success with Careful With Your Words tho.
  8. Yeah this game needs a lot (and i mean a lot) of fixing, I literally ended up breaking the game, Lily was about to go back to the Nurse's office with Casey and when she was about to enter it the whole game didn't function anymore, It still did its bit and pieces (like animation) and even the clock goes forward but for the rest nothing is doable, It was already 8pm by the time i just went back to the main menu and then went back to starting day 1 again.
  9. Yeah i can do that again but the last 2 times when i did that it didn't trigger the trophy at all, I don't get it anymore, Is it obtainable or bugged?
  10. Sorry for quoting on this again but my brain can't comprehend this anymore, I'm only going after useless runs. Got the 5 dollar dialogue with Pettigrew, he told me that i need to ask 5 dollars by Mrs B, but in all Day 2 and even Day 3 i saw no dialogue options by her, It was all the same. Honestly idk what to do anymore, I'm just tired of wasting time and Its probably even worser for you and kittcoldfire and amistury2
  11. I see, then i will go after Adventure & Balancing The Books (just to try it and see if it works, probably not but yeah lol) and then put the others aside for now.
  12. Ohh I see, looks i screwed up myself then because i ran into him constantly 😆, Will try it again then today and see if i have a different outcome this time and will try my best to avoid him, Thanks. I see, Yeah i got myself to interact with Ted about his comics etc and then he mentions stuff about lilk but i never went back to him on Day 3 i think it was so yeah but if its bugged then there's no reason to try it even. I'm glad that at least chapter select will come in the next patch, who knows when the next patch drops that is, could be weeks/months for all we know.
  13. Wait, so is Adventure trophy related to the Mystery trophy because I'm failing to understand it, Honestly I'm getting tired to go after useless runs and I'm sure others are too, If they just implemented an feature like saving or chapter select or making the time a little faster we all would have had an advantage, because right now im throwing all my gaming sessions into this game lol, I just can't play another game until im done with this one for the trophies (that aren't bugged)
  14. All the info regarding to the Hairstylist trophy is listed in this comment.
  15. Update on this game, I send an dm to the devs on Twitter sometime back and these were the conversations. July 13th 2022 Me: "Goodday, I was wondering if the one trophy has been fixed since it has been a year that i asked" Them: "Sadly we do not know, since the console is connected to east2west and not us :/ they said they did a lot of bug fixes for ps5 though" Me: "i see, do i have to try it for myself then and see if it works?" Me: "is there chance that it still will be fixed in the near future?" July 14th 2022 Them: "It would be great if you could let us know if its not fixed on your end. We hope they would fix it." Me: "Tried yesterday but no luck sadly" & "Changed the hair style of the girl 3 times but sadly it didn't work" Them: "Hello, E2W told us that they are communicating some things regarding the fix - this fix was generated but they say it's taking a while on sony's side to approve things. Hopefully with the next update we will have a solution. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness" Me: "This is great to hear, thank you so much and no problem :)" After that last message from them i have never heard back from them so i don't know how long it will take until this is fixed and they already announced a new game they're working on. This is all regarding to the Hairstylist Trophy.