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  1. Well Hi-Rez Studios sent me 2 more codes for Paladins (NA). I don't know why they sent me 2 more codes though but if anyone wants them just PM here on PSNProfiles.
  2. 10/10
  3. $20 Steam gift card!? Sign me up, there's quite a few games on sale on Steam right now that I'd love to get.
  4. I have 2 keys for the game if anyone wants them. I've had them since December. If you're curious as to how I have Paladins on my account but haven't used one of those keys is because I thought I wasn't gonna get those codes. I signed up for the beta back in late September, it was already late November and I still didn't get the beta keys so I assumed I wasn't gonna get them (dumba**). Then I saw someone on PSNProfiles giving their 2nd code away in a giveaway, so I posted on there and I won.............. Then a week later Hi-Rez Studios sent me the codes, so I've been stuck with them ever since. So yeah if anyone wants them just PM me here on PSNProfiles.
  5. Unwritten Law - Celebration Song
  6. Ret-2-Go! Beat the ambush
  7. True End You saw the True Ending.
  8. Wanna see some real cringe read my old status updates.

    1. sonicace101


      the ones from 2013

    2. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      I've felt cringy as well when looking at my old status updates when I was new here. :P

    3. PooPooBlast


      That's why you delete them :P

  9. I would like the code please.
  10. Disturbed - Fear
  11. PSN ID: sonicace101 PS Systems: PS4, PS3, PS Vita Accept Blank Friend Requests: Just write PSNProfiles in the friend request.
  12. $20 PSN card? Hell Yeah!!! Count me in.
  13. 11/10 for IF
  14. Well I just had a weird thing happen to me. I decided to play some Hyperdimension Neptunia U. I figured why not, I haven't really played much of it ever since I platinumed it last year. So I started it up, loaded up my old save file and for some odd reason even though I platinumed the game already the "Event Master" trophy popped up.

    1. thegirlruka


      Pretty much what lion said. If you haven't synced your vita at all then there's a chance at a missing timestamp for that trophy if you sync your list.

    2. sonicace101


      Well I just synced my trophies and then updated my psnprofile. Thankfully it didn't f*** up my timestamps. It still shows 9/28/2015.

    3. Kittens Are Awesome

      Kittens Are Awesome

      Same happened to me with MKvDC. The system just overrides the new stamp with the old one. NBD.

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  15. Never heard of it. Mitsudomoe?