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  1. Firstly it all started in 2013 when you have to get PS PLUS to play online on PS4 . And now they force you to pay for PS PLUS To get the full discount on a game? This is happening on the NA PSN Store . In the "Double Discounts" Sale if you don't have PS PLUS the games will only get discounted by a little but if you have PS PLUS the price will drop 40%-60% more For example if you want to get Dead Space 2 Ultimate edition without PS PLUS The game will drop to 18$ but if you have ps plus it will go down to 6$ The game dropped to 6$ before without ps plus The pic below is captured in February 2019 This is beyond bullshit This is happening to all games in the "Double Discounts" Sale in NA Store
  2. I wanted to buy Dead Space 1 & 2 but and I thought about getting ps plus for a month just to get these 2 games but there's nobody selling ps plus in the area I live in so I'll have to travel to another city in the country I live in just to get it . Not worth it just for Dead Space 1 & 2. Also I've read all the posts in this topic and from what I see . Looks like sales like this won't be forever . I know that before in other sales if you have ps plus you'll get 2-3$ off of the product which is a good deal for plus owners and will not affect the people that don't have it by much and making a sale exclusively for plus owners is also fine for me . But making a sale that non plus owners get just 40% off and for plus owners 80% off is just bullshit for me might as well made it a sale exclusive for plus owners Hopefully from the posts I read in this topic these kind of sales won't be every sale coming in the near future