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  1. for me i am definitely can enjoy hard on this game its not that hard you just retried a couple of times. but the jump from hard to crushing is just too high because of the AI headshots. sometimes you did everything perfect until 1 guy just decided to spawn and headshot you from miles away
  2. crushing is doable until certain chapter example chapter 4 when the enemies swarm after the helicopter check for me. its just sooooooooooooooo hard (?) or so bad cuz the enemies are like shooting me everytime i was out of the cover and almost 1 shot me everytime (i dont do the wall corner glitch and the shimmy glitch btw). decided to change it to hard and its like 100 times more enjoyable aside from the "Trapped" chapter but i did it better on the crushing cuz i use tweaks and know what to do. crushing and brutal definitely more enjoyable with the 1 hit KO tweak glitch. i hope the 2nd one ( i haven't played it) is slightly easier on crushing because i kinda want to do it legit withotu glitching. if its around UC 1R Hard mode or slightly tougher than that i am fine with it but i do hope its not not UC1 crushing/brutal. its just Crushing your spirits and very Brutal
  3. already tried deleting all the NG+. replaying the game as the other 3 chars aside from the 1st main file. still doesnt pop. i do play the Chinese demo for like 10 mins cuz i accidentally downloaded it and already deleted its system data and safe. Fix this trophy is a trophy that i will never get until its patched.
  4. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10737-trials-of-mana/WhiteRaito you can check it now since it's already synced. its just not counted.
  5. Because it was not synced to this site yet. thats the biggest question for me as well. rn its sitting at 91 percent. only the 6 man trophy that i dont have. I got everything else. including beating the game and class 4 change with angela
  6. only the class 4 change that i am missing currently. and i saw my friends trophy. it doesnt matter if you got class 4 or not to get that trophy
  7. I played 3 times with Duran, Hawkeye, Riesz then Kevin Charlotte Duran and finally Riesz , Angela, Duran and beat all the 3 bosses. The trophy doesnt pop at all. WTF did i do wrong?
  8. i tried it like 3 mins ago. it doesnt work. or do you need to reach a certain point of the game? because when i spam circle it doesnt grab the item for you. while i am on top of the items with the inventory window open
  9. i hope its not the same especially on the minigame master XD.
  10. i hope they lowered it just to battle it instead of win it.
  11. nvm i already got em, i had the no encounter charm/beads. it also negates majima's spawn on the street apparently. and turn him into a hiding (above below behind inside) majima permanently.
  12. forgive me then i totally forgot this is a trophy hunter site lol. no joke i do forgot. thanks for the reminder
  13. welp i beat puyo2 in 10 hrs ish in. so yeah thats how it is. i only said not everyone in here wants to platinum it. some people just want 100 percent completition in their book. and not bothering with the platinum.
  14. nah i;ve found my problem i am using my no encounter bead. after i took it off i found zombie and disco majima. just need 1 more disco majima to complete my skill
  15. oops i forgot it was SP on judgement XD. again you can buy it by farming for 30 minutes instead of 30 hrs. I have to agree some of my post are OOT but i think the other forums is kinda dead so :/ i guess i can ask something related to it rite welp luckily i've done did the platinum i guess. and idk if you are going to platinum or not because some people are just completitionist and not bothering for legend playthru and stuffs. so i dont wanna judge everyone's here are going for it