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  1. This game is in insult to the players
  2. Hello, the subject of easy trophies invaded the site! Personally it's not even a subject and it's really not interesting, everyone plays and bought what makes him happy, that we spend 30 minutes on a game to get a platinum or 30 hours to farm a stupid trophy ( I did both) is a personal choice.
  3. I just made the game in PS4 version but the trophies do not synchronize, it will have to wait a little while the trophies are installed on the servers of sony.
  4. Bonjour, Trophy Tree of life obtained during my first game without problem, I picked up the pieces in order, by replaying some chapters immediately when I missed a piece, so it would seem that the 18 pieces should be picked up in order to avoid blocking the trophy.
  5. platinum obtained, I play, replay and replay again, quit the game and relaunched, by force the trophies appeared
  6. Hello, 6 trophies blocked for me! 😡
  7. Heavy Rain 😍 GOD OF WAR
  8. Thank you for the news, it is true that there is much more than in the previous version, I love this game but it is frustrating at first because the plane is really weak! Sorry for my English, I'm French and I do not practice much English .... for the different planes it seems that we get them by collecting bonuses during the levels, a bit like the cards.
  9. Synchronization of trophies is functional!
  10. same for me......
  11. C'est bon sur PSN FRANCE, le téléchargement est disponible
  12. Buy it this morning and can not download it, it is not in my download list (PSN FRANCE)
  13. platinum obtained at the moment, actually typing along with the level (L2) I got more babies, thank you for the tip .
  14. bonjour, quelqu'un aurait une astuce pour obtenir le trophée cinq public? 'M 30, 30 heures de jeu, je ai presque tous les trophées, mais je ne suis pas que le
  15. For me, the best of reggae band 'GROUNDATION' and beautiful movie of METALLICA