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  1. 5 minutes for 14€99!!!!!!.....bad plan
  2. I read on an X-BOX guide that you had to beat 10 levels in endure mode to unlock the last color, a real pain for me because I block at 6 levels!
  3. It's ok, thank you, I just have the last round to finish
  4. I practically unlocked all the trophies on PS4 except the 4 trophies linked to the missions, I unlocked the trophy for all the missions of the first table but I block in the western, at one point in the missions there is one with a blue circle with stars but I can't see it on the board, can someone help me?
  5. still nothing in France
  6. Sony earns more money with multi-accounts so I think he stays blind, money, money !!!
  7. Nothing in France it's strange
  8. Nothing in PS STORE FRANCE
  9. Merci
  10. Hello, the game is available in Japan, Europe and North America but I can't find it on the Asia store, yet 26 psnprofiles players play the Asia version. An official release date for Asia?
  11. Yesterday 100, today 999
  12. EDIT = Platinium ok
  13. Thank you for this very good guide😀 For the moment I am stuck in the test area towards the end, this part of the game is completely buggy (as you say in your guide) It's good I passed it, on the other hand now I'm stuck on the big spider in the Home level, I die directly, that's at least 20 times that I redo the level, this game is a big shit!
  14. Hello, it's exactly the same as Sushi Break / Sushi Break Head to Head / Briks, so very fun and relatively easy game, I can't wait for the release
  15. Bonjour, le trophée Time Hunter III est buggé, je l'ai fait au moins 10 fois et rien, j'ai supprimé ma sauvegarde et joué hors ligne mais rien à faire, pas de trophée. EDIT 10/09/2020 Trophy obtained this morning after about 20 successes between 4 and 8 minutes, trophy obtained at 8 minutes and 8 seconds !!!! it's still strange because no problem for me on the PS4 versions (google translation)