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  1. Dead Silence Kill a Siren before she screams
  2. I Got Your Back Heal a teammate with the Syringe
  3. Day of the Dead Unlock the gorepack called Cinco de Slayo.
  4. Got my plat last night with the last remaining trophies I needed. A New Story of Swords and Souls Obtain all trophies.
  5. I want to play this again before 3 comes out but I'm not sure I'll have the time.
  6. Plat #28 SoulCalibur VI Finally finished this one last night, honestly had a blast with it! I think this was a good sequel to the series I had no issues while playing it still had lots of people playing and was easy to be able to get my online matches in. I know some people hate it but I've always really enjoyed the mission mode in these games, since it gives you something a little more to grind to enjoy the game and really tinker with all the different weapon types. A New Story of Swords and Souls Obtain all trophies.
  7. Hmmm from what I've seen so far people are really hating on the retro style, I feel it fits the show pretty good though. I like the idea of it being a nice couch co-op for me and the girl, however I do agree with others and it seems priced a little high. I'd probably be down with this one if it was around the 15 dollar mark instead of the 26.99 as it doesn't seem like a very long game.