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  1. I’m so excited for this game to come out.
  2. Nice! I kept thinking about grabbing this on the Switch but with it coming to PS4 I might grab it for that instead. I'm guessing the timed challenge ones could be more annoying depending on how the save system works inside the game.
  3. Castle Crashers This is honestly one of my favorite hack n slash games, seen it on sale and figured yeah i'll buy it for the 7th time let's get that Plat! Deer Trainer Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles. Melee Is Best Defeat any end boss without using any magic. Arena Master Win 40 Arena Online Matches. Maximum Firepower Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power.
  4. Dizzy Decimator Defeat 30 enemies with the sword spin attack. Walls Are For Chumps Return to Dan's Crypt and smash down the secret wall.
  5. Just grabbed this yesterday, got to love the quirky style of this shooter. Get Back out There! Revive 10 allies Beans-Eye Destroy 20 targets at target range
  6. I should really go back and finish this one got about half way through and just lost interest. Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  7. This is a big Yikes I'm shocked they thought it would save it. Kind of a shame they are trying to drain money from the few players that might still be playing the game.
  8. Fun easy run through Frogger Returns The Big City You conquered the streets!!! The Subway You made the commute!!! The Sewers You cleared the stinky sewers!!! The Swamp Frogger has returned home!!!
  9. Recently got the free trail of PS Now and figured I would play some of the quick and fun arcade games. Love going back and playing some of the classics, even though they are super short. Frogger Returns Sonic the Fighters