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  1. Dizzy Decimator Defeat 30 enemies with the sword spin attack. Walls Are For Chumps Return to Dan's Crypt and smash down the secret wall.
  2. Just grabbed this yesterday, got to love the quirky style of this shooter. Get Back out There! Revive 10 allies Beans-Eye Destroy 20 targets at target range
  3. I should really go back and finish this one got about half way through and just lost interest. Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  4. This is a big Yikes I'm shocked they thought it would save it. Kind of a shame they are trying to drain money from the few players that might still be playing the game.
  5. Fun easy run through Frogger Returns The Big City You conquered the streets!!! The Subway You made the commute!!! The Sewers You cleared the stinky sewers!!! The Swamp Frogger has returned home!!!
  6. Recently got the free trail of PS Now and figured I would play some of the quick and fun arcade games. Love going back and playing some of the classics, even though they are super short. Frogger Returns Sonic the Fighters
  7. The Keeper of 4 Elements I always enjoy a decent tower defence game. Strategist Complete a level with 20 lives Warrior Defeat 100 enemies Restless Launch all the waves on one map manually Carpenter Build 30 towers Merchant Sell 10 towers
  8. Grabbed the PlayStation Now free trail, just playing through some of the fun little arcade style games. Always wanted one of these ! Make a deal with Reaper This might help Level up a skill I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost Defeat the Blood Ghost Is this a TOWER!? Discover tower of patience Gemcholic Collect 1000 Gems in a single playthrough
  9. Figured I would try the 7 day trail of PlayStation Now, now I can’t decide what I should be playing.

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    2. AndyKazama


      I bought a year on sale for £40. Yet to use it 

    3. Elvick_


      Depending on what you like you could play something like Ben 10. Easy and short plat, and decent game. If you at least miss PS2-era licensed games. Not to imply it's bad obviously, since they get a bad rap imo.

      All Outright Games on there are easy and relatively short to plat with no missables. Ben 10, Adventure Time Pirates (rpg with Wind Waker boat exploration), Hotel Translyvania 3 (Pikmin-esque, the worst of the bunch but I didn't mind it).

      G-Force was fun too, even though it's based on a goofy movie nobody remembers. It's like a less polished Ratchet and Clank. The plat is a bit involved though with an accuracy playthrough, speedrun, and a bunch of collectables. And it does have missables iirc.

    4. cynical_fate


      Thank you I will have to check those out.