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  1. They always did a good job with the graphics for all of them.
  2. I actually loved this game at the time when it first came out. I did know I enjoyed it a lot more then any of my friends most hated it because it just wasn't FF7 part 2 💤 and I think that's why a lot of people couldn't just sit down and enjoy it for what it was. I personally didn't mind having to draw magic and loved the gf/ junction system thought it was a cool way to do things. Also Triple Triad is probably still one of my favorite card games and I put just as many hours into collecting those cards as playing through the game itself.
  3. Nice list I'm going to with this though, since it was such a great game.
  4. Haven't had much a chance to game lately but picked this up and started the first bit but got trapped by Triple Triad right away, love the card game in this so much! Card Player Play Triple Triad
  5. Started this back up, let's see if I can slowly grind this one out over the next little bit. Enlightenment There is a power that resides deep within you. If you wish to know what that power is, trigger a V-Skill 100 times. Do so, and that power will belong to you.
  6. This was a really fun game on PC
  7. Looks like it would be a good time to work on this again with new players coming into the mix.
  8. Really need to do this one its sitting at 1% for me I started it and never had a chance to go back.
  9. Haven't had much of a chance, the last couple days to really game but I did pick up a couple trophies in this before bed last night. Hot Race Complete 10 Rush in Time Attack mode for the 1st time Tortilla Clear 10 Rush mode in under 00:50:00 Epic Taco Deliver 500 orders in any mode Taco Marathon Complete 50 Rush in Time Attack mode for the 1st time Meat Clear 50 Rush mode in under 03:00:00
  10. Love having a vita for work and being able to work on some trophies. I actually find this game really enjoyable. I have found issues like others with the touchpad being picky with picking up inputs but it's also been super hot so that doesn't help at all. Into Mexico Deliver 100 orders in any mode Instant Taco Clear level 17 in career Classic Taco Chef Clear level 20 in career Classic Taco Legend Deliver 250 orders in any mode Flashing Taco Clear level 27 in career Classic