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  2. Maybe the Hint is in the trophy itself. I don't know what run it was for you that you did the clean run. Just speculating and regarding my Red Faction 2 playthrough it may be profile related? Like you have to create a new profile, complete new save and get through it clean? Just to compare it a bit further in Red Faction 2 you have this 60% accuracy trophy. As i did all my rund through all difficulty my accuracy was pretty much messed up around 10%. So despite complete a chapter with a 60% accuary you have to complete the chapter with an overall 60% + accuracy in the stats. So you have to create a new profile and go through a chapter with 60%+ accuracy to get the trophy.
  3. So chapter select is working, thanks man, great to know. So another question, did you use the cheats on the same profile to get through it and it worked fine for you? Nowadays i just get really nervous about some glitching stuff i marked with such shit. Got the Mad Max Scavenging Glitch twice, Immortals glitched on me, Darksiders genesis and i lost my save on "GRID" with 12.000 Miles nerves got enough of such Bullshit xD..... Anyway I celebrate when i am through this. Love the first one, loved to play that again after PS2 era. Just knew this one from a Demo i played on PS2 and thought it is great, but after the first playthrough this game is way off from the first one in playability, story and fun i.m.o..
  4. Hi, so i recognized, after i completed the game and i wanted to start another run on hard i choose the first stage on hard and played for some time. After i closed the game and got back i reloaded my profile. So after that I am still able to choose all stages from the story. So is it required to delete you profile and create a new one for every run? or does selecting the stages and playing them all count towards the trophy? Thanks in advance for you help :-)
  5. It is strange for me that the auto-ps5game update ist disabled on my ps5 but i got the multiplayer update installed by my console. With this happened i tried the glitch again on an earlier challenge because i still need 3 challenges to get the last one. For me this glitch is not working anymore. Did someone else try it too after the update?
  6. Is someone else having this issue and maybe solved it as of now`? For me after i got into World 3 and started the first Stage i went back to the game dashboard, tried to start the clip how to obtain the first orb on that stage. Instead of starting to play the clip the PS5 Hud jumped back into the game. Is someone else experiencing this issue and knows how to solve it? I tried some restarts and stuff but nothing worked for me... Hope there are not many of you experiencing this bug.
  7. I can confirm it as well the Bell riddle with the pan wolf works for this trophy. I did it solo offline so nobody interrupts, had some glitches playing online for the weapon mods. needed 18 to get the trophy. If you are not that fast with aiming use the Coach gun, worked for me. There is a Clip on youtube about 3-4 mins that explains the riddle and where you have to stand and what are the bells: Furthermore there are some comments that this code doesn't work on the console version and there is another one in the Comments. For me the one in the clip worked. Like i said b4 i guess you have to be quick. The run i got my trophy first i did this code with the coach gun, nothing happened. I stayed in the room and shot the Comment code immediatly after, nothing happend. I did this code 2 times in a row after that one. And after the second round the wolf did some dialogue. You have to go to the wolf, start the conversation, use the right answers and you get the trophy after completing the Conversation. Hope this helps!
  8. Hey guys, i am searching for a lvl 50 Crew as well or some crew that is close to it so i can bring them to 50 tonight with some other members. Feel free to invite me PSN_ID: Schwarz88 Greetz
  9. Yeah a Turbo makes the Restart easier for sure. To be honest i had never any spins when facing the wall, cause as Long as you are not triggering the stick he goes just straight without any spin, i mean it is a very arcade based game so there are not that real Physics in it. For me it was just the wall that triggered some spin. And as a comparison, with the 12.6K Miles included i had About 20 DSQ with the Bugatti and grinded About 17K miles with it. With the Ferrari i had just 3 on About 14k miles, so for me it was way more reliable. But like i said, it seems like the gamecode is the Problem, sometimes triggering a huge bump out while grinding the walls with those cars. But if i compare the 10 days i grinded it with the afk is really better in comparison to driving for yourself About 100 hours^^
  10. If you are attentive you'd recognize that you don't get any penalties going on the grass on the indy circuit, so it has Nothing to do with penalties or stuff, especially it is a custom race so this doesn't matter at all. The Problem is the game itself and it doesn't matter what car you use. I had the ferrari running one time with the screen on so i saw what is Happening. The gamecode is the reason, some times, when the car is hitting the wall, the Code give a bad Feedback and the cars bumps out (remember the door glitch from GTA5 that throws your cars away?). So with the R2 fixed, the car gets wheelsping and does Donuts. So if you're lucky the car gets back on track, if you're unlucky the car gets DSQ. At least this happend to me just one time with the ferrari, the other runs were smooth. So after nearly 32.500 Miles of grinding (with the reset) i finally got my 100% GRID Platinum!!!!!! So now Shadow of the Colossus up next ….oh my those controls and those challenges…… what have i done to myself?
  11. After losing my 12.6 k i am at 21k again. Does anyone know if the Trophy Pops at around 24.9 k? or earlier or later?
  12. I had just one DSQ in 20 races till now. I guess it is sth. that depends on how the gamecode works. Maybe it happens from time to time and is not related to the car you choose. But for me it is way less DSQ runs with the FXX-K compared to the Bugatti. As Long as it is just afk grinding and not related to playing by yourself i am ok with that. There are games that Need a lot more Patience where you have to Play for yourself so just grinding miles is Nothing compared to them. I just remind the weapon chamber on Warhammer 40k Space Marine, this is literally not possible in a Lifetime without boosting. Just for one weapon there is a one out 3 or 4 challenges that calls like this: Kill 3 People in row without dying in an online match. Important to know, you have to this 2500 times, the weapon is a mine launcher and you have to trigger the explosin, you Need 3 mines to kill a Player instant and you are not allowed to go to far away, otherwise the mines despawn. And this is just one challenge for one weapon. Compared to this, 40k miles afk driving at night or so is way easier :-D
  13. Hey guys, after many Hours of AFK grinding with the Bugatti i got my profile reset with 12.600 miles on the Clock (no more words needed how much i hate this game now xD). Anyway with restarting the Grind, i recognized that i got more and more DSQ runs with the Bugatti, after searching through the game data i recognized, there was a Little update last week or so, About 60 MB, since that day i had those DSQ runs starting with the Bugatti. With a lot of Anger i tried to find a way that works to grind this Trophy without any DSQ runs. After trying many cars like the Skyline who are not really reliable i finally got a method that is working again, so here it is: Get the Ferrari FXX-K Evo. The Gear Ratio doesn't matter as Long as it is not the shortest and set the Anti-Roll bar to Soft. After this it is the same like the Bugatti with the only difference that the Ferrari will leave the track on the opposite straight, going on the gras against the wall but will Keep it's pace and keeps going straight and gets back on track when it hits the wall in the corner. And it is doing this steady for the whole 99 laps without crashing or DSQ. I've 8 runs now without any DSQ. Besides that the car does lap times around 1.18 - 1.20 and finishes the 99laps AFK race in 130-131 minutes. Hope this helps especially those who are getting the DSQ runs with the Bugatti like myself.
  14. Did you set them "one to the left" as i mentioned or completely?
  15. It works but you have to Change a bit on the springs of the car. Change the Settings one to the left to "soft" on every Option in Tuning. So the car pushes itself back to the wall by the end of every straight and will never leave the track. Maybe slows the time von 130 to 132 minutes down, but it is still faster than the Bugatti and a save method as well. If there are any more Question About the method feel free to write me