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  1. GTA Vice City, 'cause i put my heart and Soul into this one as a lover of the 80's, 80's born kid, the best Setting GTA ever had, my personal Connection to this series, and took me About 8 minutes to find it (surely i've forgotton one or two Facts but no one is reading it anyway!) ;-P
  2. Has anyone recognized the following as of now: I had a pair of 3's i split them and had 18 on the first with 2 hits, stopped and got a 21 with 3 hits on the second Hand. After this the dealer got 17 and stopped. So i won but it didn't Count for the challenge for me..... -.- This is total luck based BS. Rockstar should be tortured the same way for this like we are being tortured. Cause if it is luck based i just want the Counter to be working correct.
  3. Really guys i don't know what your Problem is. This was the same with every Burnout game before. This one actually is much easier because 1 mile before the finish the AI slows down like crazy. So it doesn't matter at all as Long as you are close to the 3 cars in front you win the game easy. Otherwise there were some challenging Events but just finish it on Bronze, get the other cars unlocked and use one of them. I mean if you Play heatwave with the Standard Vehicle it's you fault to not winnig it. It's simple as that. Don't tell the People such stupid stuff and to be honest there are games out there that are way more difficult than this. The Race Events are really simple and if you are someone who played the old Burnout games till Revenge you will have no Problems with this game in 60 of the 69 Events. The rest is just Trial and error. Only the F1 Heatwave is kinda crazy because of the AI glitch, but not boosting the last half of the last round should get you through this without any Trouble. And to be honest i like it way more to earn my first place and my platinum instead if you just want some stupid game that you plat with just klicking one button or so. Play "My Name is Mayo"... damn Gamers today don't know what a real challenge is. Don't let you tell wrong stuff here, the game is really simple and not that challenging if you know those Kind of games. Like i said, if you played the old Burnout games, this will be no Problem for you. Just use the cars Right and it will be Pretty simple. And you have just that one F1 challenge left with the glitching cars, but like one wrote above. Just don't boost the last Part and you should be save. Otherwise, the Developers are Aware of the Problem but like some of you should know, the developers behind this game are Independent and just a Team of 7 People. So get your balls down, chill and wait till they patch it. But give them the time to do so. This is not EA with lots of cash behind it. And for a Team of 7 developers and an Independent Budget this game is quite well made. If you compare it to your high class triple AAA 200 Million Dollar games who have way more Bugs and glitches today than this small Independent game. Peace and enjoy the game who isn't afraid of sth. that is called "challenge" ;-)
  4. Difficult to say, like i said i'm a Burnout Veteran so it wasn't that hard for me. Did most of the stuff first try. Depends on your skill with those games. But i wouldn't go higher than a 4/10 in difficulty as average. The hardest that i had was an event in the Game. The hypercar survival event was kinda crazy imo. Took me around 40 Minutes to complete.
  5. I don't even have a spotify Account 😅. Actually i didn't play much with Music in the back to have a better concentration. But i recommend Powerman 5k especially " Show me What you got" is a burner listening to while playing. The Burnout Tracks are Not Bad too. Besides that i recommend some good fast punk, speed Metal, Sick of it all, ignite etc. I listened to Ignite, Powerman 5k, Zebrahead, LimpBizkit and WildRockRadio for some time while playing Dangerous Driving 😁💪
  6. Hey Max, thanks 4 protecting and the logical conclusion. So before someone thinks i'm cheating. I'm a Burnout Veteran and have a Special relationship to the series. As you recognized there are People who got theirs in April 2th. I received mine onApril 5th through a retailer in germany. And i did a 21 hours straight Gaming session on saturday to accomplish that.i gambled to be the first and fastest to obtain it. Just that you Know What i put into it. It was all legal and took me way over 25 hours of Game Time for Plat. And everyone who Loves the old Burnout games (Not Paradise) will Love it. Those who don't won't like it anyway i guess. So if there are questions feel free to ask.