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  1. Best advice I can give as someone that doesn't like trying to "git gud" in this game is to play on low population servers and keep things small and simple. Don't bother trying to get good guns and armor (except for the blueprints trophy) you will just loose them at some point anyway. Keep clothes and weapons to low tier, burlap everything, machete and a bow/spear is good enough for protection against radiation at low tier monuments and animal attacks and just try and just stay away from other players as best you can. Build a small base close to bandit camp so you have easy access to recycler, workbench and research table. Run lighthouse, dome, satellite dish and sewers as often as you can. Try to do airfield once in a while as well but be prepared to run into players there. Recycle everything(!) and sell high quality metal and extra keycards you don't need at bandit camp for the scrap trophy. Buy a jackhammer to speed up gathering stone, ore and sulfur. The odd airdrop may contain a timed explosive to try and go for them when you are close and the player count is low. Unless you like the PVP aspect of the game I believe that the "stealth" approach is more satisfying even if it's quite a boring grind for the trophies.
  2. I just checked the crates at the northen lighthouse and the sewer. If it has a food symbol on it you have a good chance of finding both blueberries and blackberries. I found several in the sewer crate. It seems to respawn pretty often. Maybe I was just lucky.
  3. Thanks, luckily this game only takes like 5 minutes to download but it's still bit of a chore to go back to it every now and then...
  4. Yes they will unlock it for you. Just write that you have problem unlocking it and that you have made other players fall over several times and it hasn’t unlocked. You usually don’t even have to provide any proof. Edit: Sorry for the late reply.
  5. It's practically bugged. Many people has had problems unlocking this as well as Stumble Chums, Big Tease etc. Just create a support ticket and they will most likely give it to you. Make sure to include your support ID that you can find in the profile tab of the in-game setting.
  6. I suspect not many people care at this point but two trophies for viewing JDTV videos can still be done by looking at your own videos. Just go to JDTV and accept all error messages about the servers being down, go into your own channel and watch 20 of your own videos and you will ge both trophies. To be able to record 20 videos just play any songs 20 times with the camera active (using Move controllers if fine but the camera has to be active) and remember to save the video once the song ends. Your don't have to watch the whole video, just watch until the saving icon in the top right disappears and then go to the next one.
  7. Oof I did not need to hear that 😬 I hope you get it ”soon”. I’m at 722 kills on season 10 (only FPP squad) now so I hope getting 1000 on season 10 works but I’m not counting on it... Edit: I finally got it!!! After 2607 kills. Gotta love the bots, otherwise I would probably be under 100 kills lol
  8. Congrats! I’m at 2300 so maybe it will pop soon for me as well. 😏
  9. I’m also farming bot kills (I’m over 2100 kills and no trophy so far lol). It’s a bit random, like the others have said, but it seems like they tend to drop more or less directly under the plane path. I usually drop at a hotspot close to the plane path and run towards any fire I hear that sounds like bot fire. They tend to fire in certain patterns. Either just full auto, pause, full auto or just single shots with a slight, but always constant, delay. And bots are also drawn to gunfire so if you kill one more will come if they are close by.
  10. No every second when you load your save (after you start the first bonus level) counts. This one proved to be more annoying than I thought after getting gold on all regular levels. Once I got a good run on the harder levels I started messing up the easier ones. First attempt was 1 hour and 7 minutes. Second one was 57 min. Third one 52 min. The forth (which I thought was the one) ended at 46 min and 30 seconds, due to stupid mistakes on easy levels. The fifth and final one clocked in at 44:25 and since I died once on the last level my pulse was really high. I could probably shave off 3-4 min with better focus and avoiding stupid mistakes but I’m finally done with the game and it’s a platinum I didn’t think I would ever get when I started trying to get the gold medals.
  11. I’m finally done with all gold medals. Hideaway wasn’t the hardest one for me but maybe thats because I did all the others first so I guess my ”skills” improved that way. 12:59 on hideaway was a bit too close for comfort but I had a few mistakes so there is some room for error. Now I have to grind all the challenges for the final trophy!
  12. I've slowly been getting gold on all levels except for Ashes to ashes and Hideaway at this point. Something feels off about the time in the game tho. I have followed a couple of youtube videos where someone gets a time like 10-15 seconds under the requirement and I have even done a few skips not shown in those videos and I still get a time like 10 seconds over the requirement. Then I retry the level and it feels like I'm doing as well/bad as before but suddenly I meet the requirement... I don't know if the loading times are different from time to time or if I'm just missing a few fractions of a second here and there. The no death trophies are definitely bugged or something (but in a good way) because I have gotten all of them on test runs where I have died at least one or two times.
  13. Generally from their movement and how they shoot. Bots usually just run in a straight line. If they see you they stop and shoot for a bit, then they run for cover. If you shoot at a bot they often stop and try and shoot at you but they are quite slow on the draw. Also they cannot use cars or grenades and they never lean.
  14. The second link gives me a "error message" (Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn).
  15. Thanks for doing this "research"! I was worried that this would be the case so I'm glad I didn't start grinding kills again but damn that sucks. I was really looking forward to finally be able to finish this game...