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  1. Whatever, I was just making amateur assumptions. I don't care, I didn't invest or bought the game, I just think that this whole situation is very scummy.
  2. Sorry I haven't read the article, and I dont know anything about law, but I would thought false advertising is a part of the fraud lawsuit. As the article says "The lawsuit is about fraud. The plaintiffs allege that CD Projekt lied to its investors about the state of the game." CD Projekt lied about the state of the game, I thought that includes all of the trailers etc. Which I would consider false advertising, they clearly made big cuts since the reveal in 2018 and they made statements that are plainly not true. I completed it and it's for sure not a "buggy mess" ... But the game is usually praised for the story, side content, choices and graphics. Yep the actual gameplay is kinda stiff. But its an amazing game.
  3. Not true, some people will physically not be able to do the barell roll at the end, and if they rarely manage to do it then they will fail to beat the rest of the track. I did it in a few hours but my thumb hurts af, you have to be pretty precise and fast to beat it... Stop showing off...
  4. False advertising is tough to prove?
  5. At the beginning the video was funny but for me it honestly got sad pretty fast. So many promises, lies, delays... I feel sorry for the developers but the higher-ups are a bunch of scumbags and I hope they will get sued. The gaming industry is getting worse and worse... But hey, atleast there aren't any microtransactions...
  6. Same
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2, what an amazing and beautiful game. But the platinum is so long and tedious, I had to take a break from the game a few times even though I love it.
  8. So did you play any online activision games on your main account before this? If yes, I'm assuming you didnt play any on your other acc? This would confirm more our theory.
  9. Yeah I wish i knew about the bug before it got fixed. Also, I think the servers are so bad now because theres a new season so alot of people are playing right now, plus its holidays so people have more free time, and the servers cant keep up... Maybe later it will get better.
  10. From my experience 70% of time the game is fine, but when it starts lagging its game breaking. The lag starts randomly and lasts for a random amount of time. Plus some of the level design is horrible so basically your win depends on luck. Yeah it takes skill but in a lot of situations its just random luck. Combining all of this makes this game really bad for trophy hunters... I recommend to not start this... atleast for now.
  11. When I try to go into public multiplayer this pops up. Why? People are still earning MP trophies and I've read that the servers are up. Edit: Ummm ok, so I was able to join a MP match but got dc after a few minutes, but it works. I guess the game just cant find a lobby. btw can you somehow delete forum posts? I dont see an option.
  12. So is this 100% confirmed that in order for it to work you had to play any Activision game in the past? Because in Shadiochao case it gives me hope that even I could obtain it. I would like to platinum that game someday but now the information is so blurry that Im scared to start it because then it would just be a waste of time. So yeah If any of you will get it I guess I would join and try it too. As for messaging support Im all up for it, but we should make an organized decision and everybody should contact them the same way.
  13. I've read somewhere that after the end of GOW3, when he started traveling the world, the blades of chaos appeared and started "following" him. No matter how many times he tried to threw them away or destroy them they would alway come back, so he had to keep them. Maybe Athena is behind it, its her revenge because Kratos did not listen to her. The blades torment Kratos and his thoughts eat him away. And I think the explanation on how he got to midgard is that when he was traveling the world he came across a few Huge wolves that overpowered him. And an unkown person took him to midgard. I think that story is in the comics
  14. Yeah the npcs are pretty braindead. Disappointing for such a game.
  15. No they didn't...