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  1. Thank you, it really felt like it does. Even though I've played long/grindy games before this one felt even longer and grindier. Not Far Cry 2-grindy though so I really shouldn't complain.
  2. Plats #112 and #113: Mass Effect and Dead Rising 2! Woah, Mass Effect took me nearly three years. It took me forever to get into it, it felt like such a chore so I put it away for a long time. Then I started it again and I finally started to get a grasp of what the game was about. It's a good game, and I will play the rest of the series at some point for sure. DR2 wasn't on my instant to-do list but I very spontaneously found a co-op partner and the game was a blast. Even though I played til the very late hours I didn't wanna put the game down. VERY proud of these two plats. DR2 was also my 6,000th trophy, yay. Next up: Far Cry 2 / Fat Princess Adventures.
  3. Platinums #112 and #113: Mass Effect and Dead Rising 2. DR2 plat's also my 6,000th trophy. :)

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    2. DamagingRob
    3. Hemiak


      Grats man. I'm coming up on 112, 113, and trophy 6k too. :highfive:

  4. Survival mode is being so painful to me. 90% of the time I can make it to at least Grant but then I'm getting annihilated. :/ One time I needed to get ONE MORE HIT on Kain to win but time ran out.
  5. If anyone owns Dead Rising 2 (PS3) and wants to help me with the TiR trophies in a sec I'd appreciate it a whole lot. :D

  6. Tomorrow I'm going to try to kill 72,000 zombies in Dead Rising 2. Wish me luck and give me tips. I've checked trophy guides and forums etc. and getting guidance all across the board. Overtime, no overtime, cases, no cases, etc.

  7. Only ones that pop to mind are dead -> dad; Dadpool Dad Space Dad Rising Dad Or Alive Red Dad Redemption
  8. Hey, about the difficulty glitch on Mass Effect. I don't have to do it after my first playthrough, right? I can try it after my final run when I'm better equipped?

  9. FINALLY fixed the links in the first post. I got three new plats on new year's day; Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Deadpool and Assassin's Creed Revelations. Good games! I hadn't played any Spider-Man games before so it was cool to finally start one. Deadpool was hilarious and AC..well, I'd love to have more journeys with Ezio but I guess that's not gonna happen. :/ Now working on Mass Effect.
  10. I understand why people hate NFS 2015 prestige so much. 18 hours in, 0/40 events done.

  11. Oh my the Speed Master trophy in NFS. How can it be so common, I've been trying this like crazy over the last couple of days.

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    2. Elvick_


      People say Taco Master is easy and... I struggle. lol~

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    4. MaximumOverdrive
  12. Time to get back to those Need For Speed prestige events. 100% WILL BE MINE.

    1. skateak


      I need to also. I got the plat before that DLC came out so I never gave them a shot. Heard they can be pretty hard.

  13. Plat. #108: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix! The trophy guide made it seem like such a grind but it wasn't too bad! Completing the reports with all three took a while of course since I didn't want to do everything on critical. I'd rather do everything in a slower pace if it made things easier. Awesome series, awesome game, can't wait for 2.8!
  14. Yay FF XV installed! Just wish I had A King's Tale to accompany it.

  15. Cool idea. I don't have enough common/uncommon games though to participate. Ooh I know, can we try 4 ultra rares and 1 uncommon?