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  1. If you can sort/hide entries on the left (trophies), then you can do the same to the entries on the right (navigation).
  2. No, no DLC was released for vita.
  3. Basically it is PS Store ads.
  4. browser now sucks less.
  5. Not only this, but they have also added wordfilter. I'm guessing soon they'll add a ban feature.
  6. Check this video, it helped me a lot (yes, it's for original game - but everything is very similar).
  7. It was there since forever and it was first option. That's why it's the opposite - those who were visiting their profiles by clicking first option now will update their profile instead.
  8. Sony also includes all cheaters. Check "real" rarity of an impossible to obtain Game Master trophy in A-men 2. You are always comparing values with something. Trophies here are 10x more common? And so what? Relatively they're still the same. For example average rarity of my trophies here is 33.26%. Yours is 47.57%. Switching to "official" rarity won't change the fact that mine is much lower (yes, numbers will be different, and the definition of "much" will change too). Also, accuracy of "official" rarity is lower beacuse it has less digits. You know, comparing 0.1 to 0.1 is not really fun.
  9. 1,726,500 Gamers Tracked Nope. As long as you compare those stats with other PSNP stats - they're 100% accurate.
  10. That tweet was deleted, but it was there -> And they linked correct video Probably it's just twitter being broken.
  11. Use d-pad and press square multiple times.
  13. You can use site without even registering.
  14. .

    Like what you're doing with most of your games - to hack it?