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  1. Here’s how I would rank them- I’ve been a huge fan since day one of assassins creed having picked up the original for Christmas way back in 2007. Going from worst to best 13) Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 12) Assassin’s Creed Liberation 11) Assassin’s Creed Unity 10) Assassin’s Creed 9) Assassin’s Creed Rogue 8) Assassin’s Creed Origins 7) Assassin’s Creed Syndicate 6) Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 5) Assassin’s Creed III 4) Assassin’s Creed Revelations 3) Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood 2) Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag 1) Assassin’s Creed II I know this is pretty much a standard list but it’s my opinion 2 is the greatest game of the franchise, Ezionthe greatest character and in my opinion they haven’t made a fantastic game since 4 although Valhalla came close. If it hadn’t have been so massive and grindy it might have managed it
  2. Other than financially (Lego dimensions) and damn my fingers won’t work (crash bandicoot 4) I don’t think there are any...
  3. Call me crazy but sign me up- currently sat at 94% want to push it higher so let’s go for the 99%! Totally doable right...
  4. Saints row the third remastered- nice little Christmas present
  5. This year was a good one for me. Ignore the easy garbage plats and look at the impressive ones please! 1.) Link-a-Pix Deluxe (January 15th) 2.) Lego the Incredibles (January 26th) 3.) Goat Simulator (February 1st) 4.) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 (February 2nd) 5.) Just a Phrase by Powgi (February 8th) 6.) 0000 (February 8th) 7.) Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars (February 20th) 8.) Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy (February 23rd) 9. Jak X Combat Racing (March 7th) 10. Cars 2 (March 10th) 11. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (March 14th)- Platinum 100 12. Super Destronaut Land Wars (March 14th) 13. Gem Smashers (March 15th) 14. Lara Croft Go (March 19th) 15. Epic Word Search Collection (March 20th) 16. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (March 22nd) 17. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (March 25th) 18. The Walking Dead (March 28th) 19. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (March 30th) 20. Lego Marvel Superheroes (April 6th) 21. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered (April 13th) 22. The Wolf Among Us (April 15th) 23. God of War: Ghost of Sparta (April 16th) 24. Jak II (April 19th) 25. Pic a Pix Colour (April 22nd) 26. The Walking Dead a New Frontier (April 23rd) 27. Pic a Pix Classic (27th April) 28. Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (June 29th) 29. Crypto by Powgi (July 2nd) 30. Pix a Pix Colour 2 (July 17th) 31. Epic Word Search Collection 2 ( July 21st) 32. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (September 12th) 33. Resident Evil VII Biohazard (September 19th) 34. Alphabet by Powgi (September 19th) 35. Block a Pix Deluxe (September 25th) 36. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (October 3rd) 37. Active Neurons (October 3rd) 38. Gun Crazy (October 3rd) 39. Memory Lane (October 4th) 40. Mochi Mochi Boy (October 4th) 41. The Talos Principle (October 12th) 42. Resident Evil Remake (October 17th) 43. Road Bustle (October 24th) 44. IRO Hero (October 24th) 45. Blind Men (October 24th) 46. Assassin's Creed III Remastered (October 24th) 47. Jigsaw Abundance (October 25th) 48. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Remaster (October 26th) 49. Resident Evil II Remake (October 28th) 50. Castle Pals (October 28th) 51. Bird Game + (October 29th) 52. Concept Destruction (October 29th) 53. Resident Evil III Remake (October 31st) 54. Bucket Knight (November 4th) 55. My Name is Mayo 2 (November 17th) 56. Birthday of Midnight (December 5th) 57. Chickens on the Road (December 5th) 58. Snake Boat Otterific Arcade (December 5th) 59. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory (December 6th) 60. Christmas Break (December 14th) 61. Devil May Cry (PS4) (December 20th) 62. Round Outs by Powgi (December 20th) 63. Christmas Break Head to Head (December 20th) 64. Halloween Candy Break (December 20th) 65. Assassin's Creed Valhalla (December 23rd) 66. Donut Break (December 23rd) 67. Prehistoric Dude (December 23rd) A great October helped me out after fatigue in August! Hoping for 70 by the New Year- I'm so close on Infamous and should get Arkham Asylum by then. Throw in one more easy plat and it's my most successful year by far.
  6. I was wondering... my last two proper platinums (not counting easy 30 minute games) were assassins creed Valhalla and Devil May Cry (PS4). Currently they have a similar rarity on PSNprofiles although I’m sure assassins creed will get have a much lower rarity in the coming months. One of these games was brutal and tested me as a player to my limits, one was easy and enjoyable but the platinum took hours upon hours of grinding. This led me to wonder what are all of your preferences a difficult game that has the potential to be out of your skill range or a grind that may make you want to gouge your eyes out? let me know what you think!
  7. Depends on what mode you play on! Play on the mode that has the most help and you won’t need a guide to find mysteries or wealth. Artefacts (white ones) only show up when you’re wishing 500 meters. You may want to refer to a guide for how to solve some of the more obtuse puzzles- particularly in a late game area that I won’t mention for spoilers
  8. I would suggest doing collectibles as you go- just bear in mind that a lot of story missions take to you to places where collectibles are/some aren’t available until you get to that part of the story mission. I would therefore recommend going through each areas story whilst picking anything up you come across and then quickly clean up the rest. Should take between 3-5 hours per region. I would highly recommend having a break after 35-40 hours and again 75-80 hours to keep you motivated. I love this game but it’s huge
  9. hi thanks for commenting! I did all of that and it bought the guard back but didn’t give me the wealth every time I killed him. Uninstalled auto loot and it worked a charm- what a nightmare
  10. Damn patch 1.04 ruining my day! I’ve tried all the online videos to get the wealth to show back up- anyone else had the same issue ideally with a fix?
  11. Hi can I go back up to seeker of darkness as I now have the plat for melody of memories! thanks for all the hard work
  12. I completely agree! It’s definitely not the game it’s the player my first few songs I was missing things all over the place because I was relying on visual cues. As soon as I stopped doing that And started listening to the music and getting a feel for the cyclic rhythms the game got much easier and I was completing all songs first go round on any difficulty and getting full chains/all excellents on most of them. My big tip, especially on proud, is learn the pattern of the rhythm and then replicate for that section. Might take some time for less musically inclined people (I’m a professional musician and have been playing piano for over 20 years) but it’s definitely doable. Try watching the demos for the correct timing if you’re stuck! Good luck and may your heart be your guiding key
  13. Hi can I join please as a seeker of darkness. I have the platinum in Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts II Birth By Sleep Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts 3
  14. Have fun! 1 and 2 are awesome to plat. Birth By Sleep was the biggest marathon I’ve ever undertaken took me well over 80 hours and by my third 100% play through I was ready to cry
  15. Okay so I’m in no means the target demographic for this post having been playing KH for years (including a level 1 100% run on KH2). However, when I eventually got round to buying this on PS4 and going for the plat I decided to do a proud run and get it out of the way. Once I got to Neverland in about 5 hours I decided to go for the speedster trophy then. Totally doable. Skip all cutscenes, avoid Atlantica like the plague, only go to the colleseum to get the thunder spell from Phil and then hotfoot it out to wherever you’re going next. I would suggest getting used to the guard mechanic as it comes in super handy against that one story boss towards the end of the penultimate world. Divine Rose is the key blade of choice on FM for the late area. Let your heart be your guiding key you can do it!