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  1. I completely agree! It’s definitely not the game it’s the player my first few songs I was missing things all over the place because I was relying on visual cues. As soon as I stopped doing that And started listening to the music and getting a feel for the cyclic rhythms the game got much easier and I was completing all songs first go round on any difficulty and getting full chains/all excellents on most of them. My big tip, especially on proud, is learn the pattern of the rhythm and then replicate for that section. Might take some time for less musically inclined people (I’m a professional musician and have been playing piano for over 20 years) but it’s definitely doable. Try watching the demos for the correct timing if you’re stuck! Good luck and may your heart be your guiding key
  2. Hi can I join please as a seeker of darkness. I have the platinum in Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts II Birth By Sleep Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts 3
  3. Have fun! 1 and 2 are awesome to plat. Birth By Sleep was the biggest marathon I’ve ever undertaken took me well over 80 hours and by my third 100% play through I was ready to cry
  4. Okay so I’m in no means the target demographic for this post having been playing KH for years (including a level 1 100% run on KH2). However, when I eventually got round to buying this on PS4 and going for the plat I decided to do a proud run and get it out of the way. Once I got to Neverland in about 5 hours I decided to go for the speedster trophy then. Totally doable. Skip all cutscenes, avoid Atlantica like the plague, only go to the colleseum to get the thunder spell from Phil and then hotfoot it out to wherever you’re going next. I would suggest getting used to the guard mechanic as it comes in super handy against that one story boss towards the end of the penultimate world. Divine Rose is the key blade of choice on FM for the late area. Let your heart be your guiding key you can do it!
  5. Hi can I go up a rank to BSAA member please! Just got the platinum in Resi 2 meaning I now have three! Time to 100% and move on to 3
  6. It’s a fabulous game- I played it back on my Xbox One before I made the flick to PlayStation just a real shame as it will stop me having all the platinums in the series at some point.
  7. It literally took me 3 hours! You know you’re in a dark place when you’re starting to download bots to do it for you- even with that strat took me an hour! Ridiculous Very true! Avoiding blag flag for this very reason
  8. Did anyone else find that this games platinum requirements were insane? I had a blast for the first 20 hours but my second 30 hours almost broke me. The requirements for 100 percent weren’t had just tedious. Then to cap it all off the encyclopaedia took me almost 2 hours! Anyone shocked at the high percentage completion rate?
  9. Sign me up! Just started my Resident Evil journey so I’m at Mercenary. I have the platinum in: Resident Evil Resident Evil 7
  10. Sign me up! I have 7 so far AC2 AC Brotherhood AC Revelations AC Rogue AC Syndicate AC Origins AC Odyssey will have AC 3 and liberation HD by the end of next week so can move up rank then
  11. Just started Star Wars Battlefront 2 and I normally hate multiplayer games but I must say I'm having an absolute blast (pun intended) on it. I'm really enjoying the single player but the multiplayer is really fun also. Hope I can keep this enthusiasm as I go for the exceptionally time consuming plat.
  12. 18.9 not perfect and by no means the best but good enough for me and the platinum
  13. I can now confirm that this works! Had been pulling my hair out for days not being able to get this trophy and finally did it your way which worked. I would recommend doing the campaign through in order as once you complete a mission the next one will be wiped as you can’t save and exit until the new mission begins. Thanks for the help!