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  1. Music room requires extra holes to be cut in the flute with the knife, I think 3 holes in total, when playing the instruments and horn. Goblin room if you use the eat/drink function command on their two cups should trigger the death scene. Griffin death scene I can't get to trigger myself.
  2. I had this happen as well. I found that by inserting the Bladed Sun in the fourth finger and using the the platinum horn to open the door would then let me use the spell on the monolith without any issues. They asked on Twitter to report any issues with the game to their email address, [email protected] so the more people tell them the quicker they might fix it. At the moment a bug prevents 2 of the special deaths in master mode being found, which is preventing 3 trophies from unlocking.
  3. Completing the game in Master ironman mode, with no hints, following the walkthrough that is less than 500 steps will get you 25 trophies in one play through. Having just done it myself, difficulty trophies stack.