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  1. Hi I have done almost all mini games in panda arcade how ever I am really struggling with the highway star mini game is this mini game required for the high score master trophy??. some people say it is and some say it is not required can someone please confirm if it’s required for the trophy or not? if it is can anyone give me some tips to beat it don’t know why I’m struggling with it thanks in advance
  2. Hey guys playing this game and I have all the collectibles so far going for the plat but I have 17 of 18 clues in the museum/ restoration room I think the one clue I’m missing is the one where you look at the picture of the judge in the restoration room I’m not finished the game yet so I went back and the clue just won’t pop for me ....... do clues count toward the plat ? I do have every collectable so far on all side cases
  3. all good thanks guys guys ended up getting the original 👍🏼
  4. Haha yeh that’s the one I was looking at purchasing but even for that one I’ll need a travel adapter for it to work here but that’s ok I guess if no other options
  5. I bought it used so it didn’t come with one it’s hard to find here in Australia I’d have to buy it from USA prob eBay then also buy a travel adaptor for it to work as the connection here is different I’m thinking of doing that just wanna see what others use 1st and then decide what’s best
  6. Hi guys I have the ps vita 2000 model but no wall charger I am currently using a Apple 5 volt charger as the vita says it’s 5 volts as well so Matched them up with the Apple 5 volt charger but it takes like 5 hours to charge just to 50% It works just slow it charges a lot faster using my ps4 to charge the vita but that’s kinda annoying would prefer a wall charger is the 10 v Apple charger Safe ? It’s 5.2 volts tho most people say u should be able to use any USB charger to charge it faster so just wondering what other people use ? To charge the psv 2000 ? Thank you
  7. Hey got it a while back but thanks for your. Reply☺️ If anyone is wondering this is what I did beat the. Maxican dude in Hong Kong at the start of the game 3 times shouldn’t be to hard then near the end of the game when u leave Hong Kong and when u get to Kowloon there is a bunch of arm wresting dudes I think it’s called the fight quarter look for the guy that has a starting bet of 10 beat him 2 times for a bet of 20 he is easy to beat best to do this as soon as you get to Kowloon before anything else good luck
  8. Alright great new 👍🏼💪🏻
  9. Update with the help of tigerz_bone_21 who helped me with gauge management and I thank you very much for the help with it if there is anything I can help you with just let me know on psn I only have the combo where Cassie cage has to hit Johnny in block pressure and and one of the baraka v jade in hit pressure left Update I have completed the last 2 and finally got the the trophy 🏆 Dam that was a real pain in the backside tho one of the hardest trophy’s for me to get so it feels like a platinum for me 😊
  10. Well just making sure it wasn’t me he was talking about 😊
  11. Yeh bro you helped me For Kombo Enders and I have already thanked you more than once on psn and you replied 😊 but what do u mean by please stop adding a friend request friend for massage ?? I still have a few more to do like half of zones and half of fighter zones half of hit pressure and block pressure half or fatal blow and all of gauge management if someone could finish these off for me it would be much appreciated just add n msg me on psn if you can thanks
  12. Hey yes in the tutorials I think under strategy /zoning / or fight zones forget which one but it’s the one with Lau kang and sub zero where sub zero has to duck under the fire ball from Lau Kang and launch a attack from far away watch the demo of that it’s bugged big time it only shows u half the demo lol 😂 How can we pass this one if even the demo is wrong won’t go to next lesson coz of it
  13. All good man thanks but I need someone that can do some of the others as well just wanna get em all done in one go