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  1. I found this Beast pretty easy beat him 2 times 1st time with full bone set ( took while tho ) 2nd time with the full atomic set ( quick) when he shoots the atomic stuff dodge swim away and stay far away untill he finishes ) look for food while waiting to build up your power thing and go and use it on him when he’s done and you are ready used full bone set and atomic set with organs Advanced Sonar: Reinforced Cartilage: Brutal Muscles: and Healing factor
  2. For Anyone having issues with trophies /game check out this post for a confined work around
  3. Your fine to smash through the game get the trophies u need and then log back in to ur main after …just make sure to back up all ur save files before doing the steps as u will lose your saves for other games so back up your saves for other games to the cloud for ps5 or if on ps4 can back up to cloud or usb Before
  4. I agree with your note to self this should also be a note to everyone 🤣
  5. Hi all I can also confirm this method works playing on PS5 all trophies popped And did not glitch once Thanks to damcra5 For the guide and help with this
  6. Yeh it sucks but have played it a fair bit now ( 5 times ) 😭 so will skip any that I don’t need to do just need the island queen trophy so will only need to do 3 time trails out of the 10 so it’s ok
  7. Yeh I kmow I have done the time trails before not to bad just annoying really I have already 100% the game 2 time just didn’t get island queen trophy in DLC
  8. Ok will try again nothing else to loose mite as well give it another go not looking forward to doing the time trials again tho lol
  9. Yes it unlocked all others except island queen for the DLC it was a bit of druma as under the guest Acc it said I had to rebuy the game so had to log back into my main then log out of it and back into gust for it to work But I lost my console save still no island queen will replay the game now till I get back to the start of the DLC with my main psn acc
  10. No luck for me using this method of using a local/guest account still couldn’t get the Island queen trophy for the DLC all it did for me was delete my console save file so have to reply the game back to the start of the DLC and will just wait for a fix
  11. Trying now will post back soon did u get the DLC island queen trophy using this method?
  12. Dam
  13. For perfect timing there are 10 time trails that need to be done just make sure you have done all of them
  14. For ps5 ? Or ps4 ? Or both new local acc meaning add a new guest acc and play on that ? Any other settings needed to know before trying this playing on ps5