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  1. Metal Gear Solid (more than anything!) Dragon Age Silent Hill 1 and 2 Kurushi (aka I.Q.) Dino Crisis Tiger Woods PGA Tour '03, '04 and '05 Deus Ex The Witcher 1 and 2
  2. Same problem here. Did all side missions including the boat in mission 7. No trophy. I have the digital version. I'll try the uninstall trick and report back. UPDATE: No uninstall needed with digital version. Just turned the gamed off then loaded it up again. The trophy popped as soon as the main menu came on.
  3. It certainly wasn't malicious but it feels negligent to me. It looks like they intended that we would lose our upgrades. I see why they had to because the upgrades system has been overhauled. But there is no compensation or free upgrades for current users to replace their old ones. It seems to me that the team is either too small or too inexperienced to handle all of the potential issues that players may have. This is not a small thing either, its all of the upgrades collected over 200 hours of play. Imagine if that happened in Fallout 4 or Skyrim or a similar big rpg game. The community would not be very happy about it and demand an explanation and rectification.
  4. This isn't something that should be expected. Hello games have focused on the xbox release and new players, and have messed it up for current players. I was nowhere near finished with my current game.
  5. With the NEXT update, all my ship, suit and multitool upgrades are gone. Over 200 hours went into that. And just like that, gone! Its so disappointing. I have no enthusiasm to play it any more.
  6. Still works as of April 2018. Version 1.25. I spawned exactly on the speed pad and turned left because it seems to spawn closer to that side. Took a good few tries to spawn on the speed pad.
  7. Yes its especially difficult when you see the trophy in isolation. When the trophy pops up I haven't a clue if its bronze or gold.
  8. Looks like we're both right.
  9. I think green mixed with red makes brown, not yellow. Yellow is a primary colour. But we're getting off topic 😉 I sent a message to sony playstation about this and hopefully I'll get some sort of response.
  10. I'm fine with red and green. For me its brown/green, or brown/red, or blue/purple, or purple/pink and of course gold/bronze. It all depends on the shades. If the shades are similar then I find it hard to tell them apart. So if the bronze trophy was a darker shade then I wouldn't have a problem telling it apart from the gold trophy.
  11. I'm playing a small game called Hue at the momemt which is all about colours. It has a colour blind setting, although I don't really have a problem telling the colours apart in that game.
  12. Hey my colour blind friend, thanks for posting. Nice to know I'm not the only one with this issue.
  13. The ps app is just as bad for me to tell the difference between gold and bronze trophies. The app is poor in several other ways too but thats a discussion for another time!
  14. Ive had this problem since 2009 and on a few different tvs. If I look closely at the two trophies right beside each other like that, I can tell which is gold (left one), but thats not how theyre displayed on the ps4 or ps3. Also if you show me just one trophy on its own, then I dont know if its gold or bronze. When I scroll through the trophies for a game, the silver ones stand out, but the rest could be all gold or all bronze, I just can tell most of the time. I could tell if I went up really close to the tv screen but that would be a bit inconvenient. Yes that would help I think.
  15. I agree its very unlikely any time soon. I guess there aren't many people having the same problem. There is a setting on ps4 to invert all colours but that actually makes it even harder to tell the difference between gold and bronze!