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  1. Same for Resistance Burning Skies (Vita)
  2. Perfectionist (Tearaway)
  3. I'm going to say Max Payne only because he has a really weird inner ear disorder that causes things to slow down when his center of balance is thrown off (jumping/diving/falling/being pulled/etc).
  4. LG Optimus L9 It's one of the Low-End Higher-End smarthphones, if that makes any sense
  5. Usually, I won't comment in a post like this if some asshole steals my idea (2 posts up), but I'll post something else A cool moment was performing oral surgery on General Tiger in Puppeteer. It was violent as hell for an E game
  6. I just started the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer. I didn't like it at first compared to KZ3, but I finally found my preferred class/loadout, and I'm having a blast. Nothing is more satisfying than scoring 9 kills in 20 seconds because people just keep funneling through a doorway into my minigun fodder.
  7. I never played Judgement, but I liked the first 3. GoW2 was the best in my opinion
  8. Same here. I was able to just reset my password on my laptop and was up and playing again within 10 minutes
  9. Best Online MP: Killzone 3 Best Couch MP: Perfect Dark Best Portable: Killzone Mercenary Best Campaign: Gears of War Best Co-Op: Borderlands 2
  10. Conscientious Killer (Killzone Shadow Fall) Complete the campaign on any difficulty without shooting any civilians
  11. Says the guy who played 37 games and plat'd 23 of them
  12. Thank you. 20 posts and someone finally mentions Gears of War. I played all of them except the new one, and I'd love to see them come to PS3/PS4
  13. How about AnusThrasher VaginaWhisperer or my favorite Master_Bait (And use a fishing pole as your PSN avatar)