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  1. Earth shaker has just been cycled, it still has nightmare difficulty seperately, so hard difficulty is actually hard difficulty, for the other missions, hard difficulty is nightmare difficulty. So yeah, it's a LOT easier
  2. I don't know, there's been a timespan of about 3,5 months between latest achiever of each dlc trophy, so I suppose it's about 3,5 months. There has been a survey from warface about 8 months ago about the rotation and we only saw people disliking it, so let's hope they remove the cycle and just open all of them.
  3. the spec ops missions available cycle. For the hard mission wait for earth shaker to appear.
  4. Anyone has an idea on what missions heavy gunners spawn? Edit: I found "no space" the best coop mission to get there, it's a short mission, normal difficulty with 2 heavies and 1 chopper so the chopper trophy is easy here as well.
  5. I know this is an old post but for those that still want this done and happen to check this thread. You have to manually track which ones you completed, there has been an update that added more projects, those are NOT needed for the trophy, they don't count for it in any way, so just stick to the list on the wiki. Another tip to make this trophy a bit shorter, you can do these in free play and they still count, this will save you the ambassador farming every time.
  6. No worries just not that active on the forums but this was kinda hilarious.
  7. what alts?
  8. I really don't understand your logic man.
  9. I've been doing some research and started the game once I was certain it was possible. (it has ben done on xbox, it's just super difficult) there's so much luck, random deaths and bad designing going on in this game that makes it so hard, also the combat sequences are pretty annoying in the later levels.
  10. Yes, which is exactly what the DLC is...
  11. In terms of fun I'd go for fusion, fusion is by far the most fun I had in trophy hunting. One of the best games out there and the challenge it has keeps you trying till late at night haha. I didn't enjoy rising half as much as fusion, the world and graphics may look better but it didn't feel the same. The fusion setting got me hooked, in rising I mostly rushed through the tracks because I wanted them done. If you care about platinums instead of 100% than go for rising.
  12. Lol my friend "high and mighty". People who are new will find this a bit hard, yeah the main game maybe, I'm not complaining about the main game. I'm complaining about the DLC, people who finished the main game won't have any troubles with the DLC because there's simply nothing hard about it. Who said anything about a 2 or 3? I said they made the DLC too easy and could've at least given us a bit of a challenge like they did in fusion for the circles of hell or dev times etc. The dissapointment is that I absolutely love trials and wanted to be hunting this DLC's trophies for a while but instead it was finished in an hour or 2. Had been looking forward to the release of the DLC from the moment I got the plat and than it was over in such a short time...
  13. If there's not trophy for it, there's no point in doing it. Rising is way easier than fusion, no matter if you did fusion first... Besides that the DLC was just "get all collectibles" and "get gold on every track", Fusion DLC had fun trophies like complete circles of hell, pass tracks with the rabbit, ... not just get collectibles and gold. The stadium finals this time were ridiculously easy, the 'bots' fell all the time, I had an incredibly bad run on both yet I nearly got platinum. The point is not that I got training and can complete them pretty easily, the point is that there's not even 1 trophy that requires a bit of skill, you can do superbad runs and still get everything.
  14. Not purely difficult, more like fusion. God I loved fusion but rising is ... meh, the tracks are cool and so but there's nothing that's really too difficult that requires a lot of training.
  15. I'm deeply dissapointed in the new DLC, the main game was already way too easy and now they made the DLC even easier? Can we start a complaint or so to get them to make the next DLC harder again? Trials is supposed to be hard, to be a challenge, not a braindead easy game...