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  1. I don't mind this line-up too much, but offering just the base game of Cities Skylines "free" is really more like shooting fish in a barrel. That's because there's so much DLC and DLC bundles for the game. If you want to get just all the expansions for all the trophies, you'd have to spend a whole 111,60€ for it all! But there's also 3 Season Passes (one of them is called the Upgrade Bundle) which cost 39,95€ each. You'd think it'd save money, but it doesn't. Then there's the Ultimate Content Bundle which costs 99,95€! You could maybe get all these at max. 50% off some time, meaning you'd have to pay at least ~50€! And then there's the Premium Edition 2 and Mayor's Edition bundles that have the game and a Season Pass or 2 in them. The Mayor's Edition is especially noteworthy, as that has been more than 50% off and contains 6 of the 8 expansions in it. The lowest price so far has been 29,97€. Combine that with the 2 expansions that aren't included when they're half off, and... You get the price of 43,91€ or at least about 6€ less than buying the Ultimate Content Bundle at half off. The thing is, you can't make use of this if you already have the base game, which is what they're offering. Obviously, this may not ring as true later on as the Ultimate bundle and the last expansion haven't been on sale yet, but considering the facts right now... well, y'know. Oh yeah, and some trophies from those DLCs could pop without them, as these are contained with certain updates instead. There's also a trophy which is entirely RNG-based. As such, I wouldn't even bother redeeming the base game for "free" if you care about trophies and the trophies earned %. TL;DR: If you value your money, you don't redeem Cities Skylines for "free". Sorry for the long post.