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  1. You need all the weapons at the same time in your inventory. There are 12 weapons.
  2. Hi everybody, First of all, I'm french and (so?^^) my english is very basic. I will try to do my best anyway. I will list in my topic all platinums and 100% I get in Ps Vita. I'm still playing sometimes on PS3 but this is rarer actually. Since I get my Vita (Day one), I can't stop to play so my trophy's hunting on Vita begin on february 2012. Now, I regret to did'nt create a new account for this because my hunting on Ps3 wasn't so serious. For this reason, I choose to hide all my Ps3 games so now, there are only my Vita games on my profile. It's easier for me and I can see my statistics for this support only. As I said previously, my english is basic so I will only post my plats/100% with my difficulty and enjoyment rating. I will probably add some sentences but nothing more. I will also add my goals and my incomplete games. 2012 (Platinums : 13 - 100% : 5) : 2013 (Platinums : 23 - 100% : 14) : 2014 (Platinums : 10 - 100% : 5) : Currently working on : - Final Fantasy X HD - 4% - Wake-Up Club - 85% Incomplete games : - MotorStorm RC - 38% - Mortal Kombat - 78% - Forbisher Says! - 93% - Disgaea 3 - Absence of Detention - 98% - Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - 72%
  3. I just begin the Asian version of the game, which is chinese and english version, but actually all texts are in chinese and I didn't find the options where I can change the language, someone can help me ? Thanks in advance !
  4. Thanks a lot for this informations ! What's about the Score Attack, did it pop immediately to or you have to finish it again ? It is harder on Vita because we can't use a 2nd controller if we loose.
  5. On another forums, several people tried this way and maybe it works with the God Eater or Danball Senki but they never success with DW Next. Keep us updated ! For the 3 players, I didn't speak about your request, I just advice people it will be difficult with only 3 players, 4 is better.
  6. Yes, several people tried before you and Ad Hoc Party doesn't work for Vita games. I did the Coalition mode last year and to have the S rank on all 4 modes, you have to be 3 or 4 players. When we did this, we were 4 and it was not easy, especially Sentinel. So if you plan to be 3 only, be sure all players are very good to this game. This is the reason this platinum is so rare, it is very difficult to find 3 other players with this game near of you, especially in USA and Europe. I was obliged to go to another country haha, 6 hours on the road for a platinum ! But now this game is free for PS+, maybe it will be easier.
  7. This game is not really difficult (especially if you are PS+ as you can save during a dungeon, so it saves you a lot of time if you die !). Anyway, I found the firsts dungeons hard because you can die very fastly. But when you have a good weapon and shield, the game is really easy, including bosses. Now concerning the platinum, yes, this is very grindy ! For example, you have to get all the weapons and shields. You have 30 swords, 30 staves and 30 shields. Each of this item have 4 levels and you win a level by defeating foes. The other problem is a lot of items appears randomly so it can takes a lot of time to find all of them (more than 700 !). Anyway, I find this game very attractive and I can't stop to play it ! (sorry for my broken english !).
  8. Finally, the price is now 14,99 € on the european store, this is a good price, I will buy it very soon.
  9. As a lot of other people : FF VII, VIII and IX, Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3, MGS 1. Also Crash Team Racing + Crash Nitro Kart, Dino Crisis Trilogy, Dissidia FF I and II. And last but not least : Project Zero Trilogy !!
  10. Did you work hard for this completion rate for yourself or to show other gamers how strong you are ?
  11. It works for PS3 games too (tried) !!!
  12. You don't understand, the completion rate is recalculate when you hide games so, if you have 2 games, one 100%, the other 50%, if you choose to hide the last one, your completion rate will be 100% as only first game will count. Anyway, the number of trophies won with the second game will not be cancelled so your level will be the same.
  13. I am not sure if it is a good or a bad news. I am very focus on my Ps Vita average so hide a trophy list like MotorStorm RC (38%) would be great for my average but where is the pleasure to have 100% average in this way ?