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  1. Some of those time definitely looks crazy. You'd almost think they hack them somehow but its probably some exploitable skill or mechanic.
  2. gaming must find a way!!! Dont let heat stop you!!
  3. Sick, just sick. What is wrong with humanity.


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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Im gonna think twice buying ice-cream now that is unsealed some way...

    3. mecharobot


      All products that can be closed after opening should come at least with a paper seal. Broken seal = no buy. It's also why I prefer old-fashioned carton packs of milk/juice over the ones with plastic cork, since you can't close the carton unless you glue it back together.

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      Jokes on her. I already urinated in it.

  4. Playstation is just messy to code, programmers have to do extra work just to keep piracy out. PC installs seem fine. Sure its still big but not as big as Sony's stuff. And games arent even true 4k quality yet. Wait till those roll out if you think current installs are huge....wanna play some 8k?
  5. Thought I remind you of this nice sale.👿
  6. Hmm, those sigils arent bad at all.
  7. Wow, what crap. Glad I dont have Ps plus.
  8. Some of you guys have beasts...Im afraid to show my junk.
  9. I read that trophy cant be boosted, are you talking about the Invincible trophy for Fifa 16?? Nvm, reading
  10. I knew Sony's way of name change (hide old name with a new name) would be messy for sites. Didnt know it be this messy...
  11. To me it's someone who plays the same game, same series and nothing else. Someone who is afraid to try out other games, other experiences.
  12. Didnt know theres so much crap till its all in one sale....
  13. Why would it mess up your years of progress? It doesn't mess up your trophies...and it surely seems like every game you played you finished...Unless you gonna really go back them 5, 10, 15 years to just play them one day for fun and the save don't work.
  14. I agree but this is the kinda trophy hunters/gamers mindset these days. People want it easy and things just handed to them. Heck if trophys can pop by just turning on the game console, the better....
  15. I just want to cry....