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  1. MP was free in the good old days? I remember you needing to buy code or packs to unlock online.
  2. I pay for internet already, Ps Plus should be free. Do you have a source to back up all your stats OP? Half of them new accounts? right.
  3. "Well i had to call sony & they said that my console was banned for 30 days because there was a hacked account on my PS4 none of the accounts on there were hacked but its kinda whatever i guess" Yeah were are all totally going to admit we using hacked accounts... Anyways do you account share/gameshare, its probably that. But youll be fine after 30days...
  4. Welcome!! It sounds like you are a completionist but...your profile doesn't look it. Work in progress right!! keep it up!
  5. hopefully itll drop another 50% in 3yrs....I'll wait!!
  6. Please use the boosting session.
  7. Hopefully the next is twice as big!! Maybe China or Feudal Japan with ninjas and samurais. Awhh yeah that be the shit.
  8. Is it true you can connect two playstation 5s together and get a upgraded ps5??
  9. Some of those time definitely looks crazy. You'd almost think they hack them somehow but its probably some exploitable skill or mechanic.
  10. gaming must find a way!!! Dont let heat stop you!!
  11. Playstation is just messy to code, programmers have to do extra work just to keep piracy out. PC installs seem fine. Sure its still big but not as big as Sony's stuff. And games arent even true 4k quality yet. Wait till those roll out if you think current installs are huge....wanna play some 8k?
  12. Hmm, those sigils arent bad at all.
  13. Wow, what crap. Glad I dont have Ps plus.
  14. Some of you guys have beasts...Im afraid to show my junk.