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  1. Hmm I dont know if I should get Asia or Japan ver, both have english it says? I probably wont get to playing it but if the price rises and digital drops cheap, then I can sell physical for more.
  2. Is it not coming to NA?
  3. I'm really hoping them moving to Discord, will make all the PSN messaging better. Maybe we can finally edit and delete images we ever sent to people/friends. I hate that I can't delete them NSFW stuffs!......
  4. From my understanding you buy the region your disc is. But some games work different I suppose. Hopefully someone can give you a straight answer.
  5. There is one way that may fix this issue but I do not know how much you want to try. 1. Backup saves 2. Delete your profile on PS4 3. Add your profile 4. Start up game and see if it ok.
  6. Currently 89cents for both PS4 and Vita, sounds nice, but is it really that hard? Dont see rata games not in the 90% average completion much...
  7. Doesn't live up to the name, was expecting more....
  8. Can't wait to see what new series they release after this one.
  9. This is awesome, so I can use that Seed # and itll get the same things like you? I havent played this yet! but is it like Minecraft world seeds? that I am familiar with.
  10. Do you have to buy Merciful pack? I notice the deluxe edition mentions it but Standard doesnt...
  11. Dont forget to watch the new Berserk movie, for him.
  12. Registration is open from May 11th – May 31st 2021, try joining again??
  13. Someday when we can sell our digitals...im all for digitals 100%, but then is there going to be even value for something that has infinite copies? of course until it is delisted.. I still like physicals very much for series I love, and those rare/ultra rare editions. Lately I been starting to collect Steelcases cause why not?? Some are really nice.
  14. Saw this on ebay going for $45+tax, free shipping, this game any good? I saw it mention coop and instantly got interested, i assume it is just couch coop? Some resellers are also trying to sell it off for 70$; will this game later be up that much or just drop in price? I rather pay 45 now than the 70 later.