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  1. So glad my country trashed daylight saving time when it did. Surprised its still around for others. 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      They proposed it, but it didn’t become law yet as far as I know.

      The Senate approved it, but the House is yet to take it up and then they would have to approve it and Biden sign it into law before it would happen. If they don’t by January, I think they’ll have to try again. 

    3. Icebrand1270


      @MidnightDragon I thought the legislation was to make Daylight Savings an all-year thing? I could be wrong.

      @OhDearDevilRun Schools have traditionally started early in America (9 AM or earlier) so that school bus rides can beat morning rush hour traffic. Any attempt to change that gets the tired old argument that it will "make kids dumber". I don't see how it would "make kids dumber" (and I was born in 1980 and have seen the schools get worse for other reasons) but my opinion isn't popular at all.

      Daylight Savings Time started to help agriculture in the early 1900s in America (read: increase productivity) but eventually became an energy conservation thing. And since energy conservation is highly subjected to politics in America (since the 60s and 70s, let's not just blame modern-day politicians for this one) the debate about Daylight Savings Time will never end.

    4. MidnightDragon


      @Icebrand1270 It still would end the time change since it would lock in the spring forward permanently. So close enough.

  2. The voting just for fun right?

    Because how many are alts in the votes?? Haha


    1. Sikutai


      I would ban all members with alternative accounts, because this is unfair.

  3. You get 10points every dollar spent, so for $5, you need at least 1250 points. Time to start spending! $125 to be exact, but luckily there's also challenges you can accept and do for points. Hoping for holiday events that will give more points. Cause so far it feels so weak.
  4. The game or should I say bundle is on sale, you can have this game and a ton more for just $1.99 as a ps plus member!!! This will also then qualify you for 20points toward your Star Loyalty! This bundle has 5 Full Games: Memory Lane(Full Game) Dreaming Canvas(Full Game) JigSaw Solace(Full Game) Fluxteria(Full Game) Blastful(Full Game) 10 Dynamic Themes: *4K Astronaut Theme *4K Amazing Planet Theme *4K Space Nebula Theme *4K Lonely Astronaut Theme *4K Floating Astronaut Theme *Valentine Date Theme *Valentine Mystery Theme *Space Creation Theme *Earth Theme *Mars Theme 10 Avatars: *Tau Alien *Steam Punk Lace *Space Chimpanzee *Mekanike *Clockwork Girl *Neon Citrus *Snow Queen *Rosa *Vintage Robot *Vintage Astronaut Avatar https://psprices.com/region-us/game/4982594/playstige-holiday-bundle
  5. So much worse than Sony Reward back in the day. Even though it was only NA. at least it was decent since it was points for trophies and purchases, something we all do. This feels so petty of Sony, though yes I do understand they dont need to give us anything...
  6. Wow Granblue, sweet. Been wanting to play this. Would had bought it if it ever was on sale for cheap since a lot of extra characters are really cool and wanna purchase. Hope fully character passes go on sale soon haha
  7. @serrated-banner9 This is faster...you would have about 200k+ exp in under 2mins. Also a lot more money gained, if you wanna buy everything fast, also the wrecks will go towards needed wreck trophy.
  8. A person did it in 11mins...
  9. For those that need to farm experience, this method can net you 45k-55k~ experience in under 30secs. All you got to do is use these settings and wreck yourself, I just drive straight into a tree, hit 🛆 to reset position and repeat. Hope it helps the grind, enjoy! (Oh this also gains you a lot of money in the process, and your wrecks will go towards the wreck trophy too!) Create a Custom game with the following Settings: Track: Rally Trophy Car: Tristar (I dont think it matters, just something that has some speed and wreck fast) Race type: Banger Race Opponents: 23 Laps: 60 Time of day: random AI Vehicle: Random Large Special Damage: Realistic Driving Difficulty: Hard(custom) / (automatic on) AI Difficulty: Expert
  10. Love this generation of free upgrades. This game is nearly 2 yrs old, and here we get free upgrade to PS5. I havent bought this game yet, but is it worth it? Cheapest copy I can find is about $15 physical(after tax).
  11. I remember getting a check for the ps3 removing the linux os a couple yrs ago. Dont remember how much but it wasnt a lot. Dont even remember if I opted in... But it would be nice if digital games arent just sold by Sony. I remember able to buy some really cheap thru Humble Bundles but sony killed it.
  12. Doesn't grabbing them on the ps store website work too? PS4 https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0101-CUSA24659_00-3802165537204147 PS5 https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0101-PPSA02503_00-1386326606795918
  13. Probably dont even want to support it anymore. Some things that the earlier console have in store isnt even on the new webstore or Ps5. Im talking about avatars. The only way to buy now is if game has its own link ingame. I wish they just give discount codes again. So I buy whatever the fk I want. Id definitely go to the ps3 store to pick up some stuffs i missed with the code.
  14. I played on OG PS4 up to chapter 8 and didn't really have any issues that would be make game unplayable. There were some frame issues when battles were intense...I remember my game was stuck on the huddle screen once and there was no dialogue or anything, just them hovering. I later finished on PS5 and it was pretty amazingly smooth.
  15. Best tips here and guide.