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  1. There is only 1 multiplayer trophy, you simply join up with someone, and the trophy will pop in the loading screen. If you are implying you need a boosting partner then you need to make a boosting session. We don't create boosting topics here. Have a great day! Hope that helps!
  2. When you want to play Godzilla (Ps4 2015) but it cost over 200$ for physical.....the game probably was in the dollar bin once. wth. These damn scalpers!..

    1. KingGuy420


      I don’t think that counts as scalping lol. Most games that go up in value are games that bombed, since there’s less copies out in the market. That’s pretty much always been the way it worked.

    2. OhDearDevilRun


      Which recent release games would you say might go up in value in the next 5-6 yrs?

  3. Aww really? I was thinking 1000s of platinum trophies just from this! (1000of dollars) boohoo. 😂 😬
  4. 99cents! There is going to be story 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to infinite right?!
  5. No Cross Buy, but Vita version is 99cents right now!!
  6. You probably wont ever see it on vita, you have to purchase it with Ps3 ps store.
  7. Yes That is interesting, please let us know your findings and elaborate how to do this more.
  8. Their twitter account says it should already be that price, but could be Sony messed up somewhere.
  9. This is bad! Maybe they are unaware of the issue? I mean they cant just remove stuff you purchase can it? I know currently Apple has a ongoing lawsuit about removing purchased content. https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/23/22399008/apple-lawsuit-over-buy-and-rent-labels-for-digital-content-can-continue-rules-federal-judge Sony also has may have a lawsuit on their hands about selling digital goods. https://www.gamereactor.eu/sony-being-sued-after-stopping-third-party-stores-from-selling-digital-downloads/
  10. Wish more games do this 99cents thing. Manage to grab 17 games today. lol
  11. All of it.😀 Never too many games! especially when its 99cents each...
  12. Let me know when you find out.
  13. Seems not all games are 99cents yet.
  14. Dont see Pantsu Hunter for 99cents.
  15. So im trying to buy some Vita games, is it only possible 1 at a time now only with a Vita?

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      They dropped who in the what now!?!


      A Vita game sale?
      Can this be true?! 😮😮


      What sweet sweet lies do you speak??!

    3. DaivRules
    4. DrBloodmoney


      Well.... that was depressing reading 😑


      I should have known that sugar was going to come with a bitter pill inside it 😔


      Cheers tho - missed that