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  1. I read that trophy cant be boosted, are you talking about the Invincible trophy for Fifa 16?? Nvm, reading
  2. I knew Sony's way of name change (hide old name with a new name) would be messy for sites. Didnt know it be this messy...
  3. To me it's someone who plays the same game, same series and nothing else. Someone who is afraid to try out other games, other experiences.
  4. Didnt know theres so much crap till its all in one sale....
  5. Why would it mess up your years of progress? It doesn't mess up your trophies...and it surely seems like every game you played you finished...Unless you gonna really go back them 5, 10, 15 years to just play them one day for fun and the save don't work.
  6. I agree but this is the kinda trophy hunters/gamers mindset these days. People want it easy and things just handed to them. Heck if trophys can pop by just turning on the game console, the better....
  7. I just want to cry....
  8. Maybe your wifi went nuts. How is it now?
  9. Could use a nice red themed Berserk cover.
  10. Football a lot more interesting if the ball was a bomb...
  11. You might have to do some progression, the quests should be in your quest log.
  12. Wheres the reset button for my life.
  13. Keep running out of dock space...killing my interest. haha
  14. It's really nice of them to do this.
  15. With sales like this I'll need a new job!
  16. Yo!

    Welcome. Horror they are my favorite too.
  17. Playstation 3 does feel sluggish, its like turning on your old windows 95 back in the 90s, the bootup takes 5mins....browsing is like 56k again. Don't even start up the playstation store!! OMG the loading... I heard PS5 will be BC with PS4, hopefully!! it runs PS3 games somehow too even if it means you need Ps plus.
  18. Welcome back to hel....PSNP!
  19. Enjoy your stay!
  20. Welcome! How's Italy? beautiful there huh
  21. Hey welcome. Why you got no friends?
  22. Welcome dude.
  23. Welcome to the site.
  24. Welcome!!, but im pretty sure I've seen you around here years ago...not weeks ago...