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  1. For me it's a game called energy invasion. Partially because I can't pass linear mode and particularly because it's the worst game I've ever played. I don't know what it is because most people can platinum that game pretty easily.
  2. I saw something odd on Psntrophyleaders yesterday where a player became #1 on the leaderboard and all of this accounts platinums said they were completeled in just of couple of minutes and some even seconds. I assumed this was all a hack or something. Could this be a case of late syncing/ hidden trophies?
  3. Not against crossplay but I am against crossplay with PC. A lot of those players cheat and have mouse and keyboard
  4. Where do I start? Refunct Energy Invasion Kona Hitman Salt and Sanctuary Deliriant Dead Synchronocity Twin Robots Poop Slinger It'll be hard to name worser games than those.
  5. Which Xcom are you referring to? The first one has an Online Trophy requirement.
  6. The Sims 3 Madden 11 The Banner Saga
  7. 1. Heavenly Sword 2. Fight Night Champion 3. Sonic All stars Racing
  8. An option to delete trophies with 30 days to restore if you happened to change your mind. Might also be a measure to prevent any hacking/trolling. I'd delete GTA V as I did not play that game , my girlfriend did and now its stuck on my profile forever.