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  1. I bought it on CD back in 2016, sold it right after I have completed it but I will grab it again and keep in library for my son 🙂 I do so now with most of the games on ps plus offers 😀
  2. Already have done it twice, first race in Monaco, second on Monza. Still no trophy. On both tries I haven't stopped the race for even 1 second. Seems this trophy is totally broken, it pop by pure luck. Tomorrow morning 3rd try on Spain this time
  3. I'm not buying fifa anymore, fifa 18 is my last. It's better to play F1 series then this Piece of garbage
  4. 1. Test Drive Unlimited 2 2. Need For Speed Underground (not on ps3 but still want it to happen one day) 3. Series of God of War games available on ps2 and ps3
  5. Just look out to not dominate any fireclaws, especially when you fight with 2 fireclaws. I've done it, one was killed by another fireclaw and it doesn't count. It must be killed by you.
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 - 82% of trophies. Servers are closed so platinum no more obtainable. Same thing with fifa 14 stopped on 51%
  7. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 stopped on 82% for me. 100% no more achievable because of servers shutdown. I came for it too late. All the online trophies are unobtainable.
  8. Got the same problem, stuck on "MajloHS93 is in the queue"
  9. Death Stranding