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  1. I Hate Online Trophies -.-, but I'm glad Borderlands: Pre-Sequal only have ONE! o:

  2. Finally I Got my Mass Effect 1 Platinum, no more.. FINALLY!!!

  3. I Hate the "Friendly Competition" Trophy in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, need it for Platinum on both PS3 & PS Vita and it won't connect to the one that's trying to Help Me.. -.-'

  4. I Have the Same Problem, made in to the List with High Scores in 2 different games and non Trophie. And I don't have the Patch so don't know what the Problem is :/ *UPDATE* Now it works, finally!
  5. PlayStation 4 in a few hours! Excited!!!

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    2. CasaDeBen


      Good choices i guess but no online multiplayer games come onnn

    3. JBlackmessP0W3R


      It has not come out something I really wanted yet :c

      So the PS3 is there for online gaming :)

    4. CasaDeBen
  6. I HATE BL2: Ultimate Mode!! -.-

  7. I get so frustrated and angry that I can not do a single path so XP I'll never get! Does not help to be in the right LV, must be higher than what is required or have more players!
  8. I love This Video, it's sooo me c=
  9. I have to wait until the 29th! D'= I'm going crazy!
  10. I started Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode before, but shit! This is hard, haha! Love to BL2 <3 :')

  11. I seriously Love Borderlands 2!! Especially Tina's DLC<3

    1. GamepartnersTV


      Tiny Tina's dlc is the best one.

    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Agreed Tiny Tinas dlc was awesome

    3. JBlackmessP0W3R


      Best One indeeeeed! :D

  12. Now is the time for Skylanders now that I've fixed all the figures on the save file! It took some time!!! D=

  13. Pokémon Y & X<3, best Pokémon Games ever!! o:

    1. KingBaku


      Same ol same ol

  14. Is there anyone who can recommend good 2 player game in split-screen, Story Mode? (:

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    2. KHAN-KSA


      Army of two. 40th day & Devil's Cartel, I enjoyed playing those two with my friend, as well as Resistance 3. Also, you can try Portal 2, it's short, like 4 hours for co-op and 7 or 8 hours for story, but tests your mechanical skills. Finally, you can check out this cool site that has the info you might want http://www.co-optimus.com/system/2/playstation-3.html

    3. JBlackmessP0W3R


      Thank you all!

      Some I have unfortunately already played but will check up the rest (:

    4. JBlackmessP0W3R


      @UndreyVITA - No. But I'd rather play it first, I think the sequel is sick boring in comparison o: